Covid-19: Senator Dino Melaye Makes A Damning Allegation Against Governor, Yahaya Bello

Covid-19: Senator Dino Melaye Makes A Damning Allegation Against Governor, Yahaya Bello

It seems like the feud between two Kogi State Political heavyweights, Senator Dino Melaye and Governor Yahaya Bello have no hope of ending at time soon. Recall that the two politicians have been at loggerhead for some years, with all efforts at reconciling the duo proving abortive. They have equally attacked each other verbally, with several accusations and counter accusations directed at each other. And once again, another ugly scene is brewing up following a tweet made by the Senator.

According to the post, accused the Governor of spending 90 million Naira last year (2020) on a software device which is used in tracking cases of Covid-19 in the State. Senator Dino Melaye referenced Premium Times as the source of his information, while emphasizing the Governor’s obstinate stand that there’s no Corona Virus in his State. So in essence, Dino Melaye is wondering why the Governor who till date is still maintaining his ground, that the virus is not his State.

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“Despite Governor Yahaya Bello’s insistence that there is no COVID-19 in Kogi State, the State Government last year spent N90million on a software for tracking coronavirus cases in the state, reports Premium Times,” his post reads.

Meanwhile, we visited Premium Times, to ascertain the truth in Dino’s post, and his information was accurate. The famous news tabloid even further revealed more information about the 90 million Naira transaction. It wrote: “The Kogi State Government last year (2020), spent N90 million on software that the developers now offer for only N300,000.”

According to Premium Times, their reporter who carried out further investigation into the matter, during which it was discovered that the said software device now costs only three hundred thousand Naira only, and to shock you the more, it is the same company that developed same software device for the Kogi State Government for 90 million Naira, that is now selling it for three hundred thousand Naira (300,000).

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“But checks by our reporter showed that the same software now costs only N300,000 from the same company that developed it for the state government,” Premium Times reveals.

Going further, Premium Times revealed how an official of the Kogi Government contradicted themselves, revealing that the state government actually spent less than a million Naira for the project. This according to the report, was the inability of the Government official to defend the 90 million used for the project.

“An official of the state also admitted that the government actually spent less than a million naira for the project and could not defend the N90.7 million announced expenditure; an indication the declared price was excessively inflated,” Premium Times reveals.

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Meanwhile, a lot of people have continued to react to Dino’s post, with some of them accusing Dino of not being different from other politicians in the country, as such, that he is part of those who have wrecked the country by stealing and squandering our common wealth.

“Dino, before we start this conversation, please tell us the monthly salary of our senators and representatives. Then show us with proofs what you did for your constitutients when you were at the national assembly. We are waiting,” @PhillipsAdemol4 commented.

“That’s how you polithiefcians behaves not him alone even you. You’re not a good politician, that’s why I call you people polithiefcians. Because that’s what you people are,” @Godfreycass3 commented

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