Details Of Ndi-Igbo United Forum’s Meeting with NERC,EEDC

Leadership of Ndi Igbo United Forum (NUF) held a meeting with Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and Enugu Electricity Distribution Company ( EEDC) which was based on issues bordering on meter removal without replacement, estimated billing and over estimation on electricity bills going on in the South East since this January, 2020.

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The Southeast consumers from 1 January, 2020 began facing the multiple challenges of inability to recharge their meters,
removal of alleged obsolete meters, compulsive migration to estimated billings and mandatory payment of N39,000 for
standalone and N78,000 for double meters respectively. That further compounded the precarious economic situation of
southeast consumers and threw many homes into darkness till date. In doing these, every household was a victim to the
Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), the electricity company licensed by the Federal Government to provide
Electricity services to the Five Southeast States of Abia, Amambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and IMO.
NDI-IGBO UNITED FORUM (NUF) Worldwide a Sociopolitical organization that has the core objectives of building
Igbo Unity, fostering her interests, welfare, protecting and advancing her progress as a responsible body initiated the
process of reversing the ugly trend. First, we wrote EEDC on 6 January, 2020 asking for explanations. We copied the five
th th Southeast governors and Security agencies. EEDC indeed responded on 7 January and sought for a meeting on 8 January
which we obliged. Regrettably, the outcome wasn’t satisfactory to us in particular and Ndi-Igbo in general and that took
th NUF to the next strategic line of action to protest. 27 of January, 2020 witnessed the perfect execution of our well
coordinated and publicized protest in all the Southeast States issuing a 7days ultimatum for EEDC to address our 7-point
demands or see us launch into our final phase of action.
NERC as the government body responsible for monitoring and controlling activities of the Distribution Companies
otherwise known as DISCOs including EEDC having received our petition and fully aware of our corporate and
grassrooted influence, as a very responsible regulator in her wisdom decided to mediate. NERC management therefore
th invited EEDC, NUF and government representatives to a tripartite meeting at Enugu today the 4 day of February, 2020
with a view to interfacing with all parties. Both EEDC and NUF leaderships were in attendance. The parties frankly
presented their cases. Our position was directly tailored towards our 7 point demands. It was a crucial meeting where
superior arguments and undeniable facts prevailed far and above sentiments. EEDC we must acknowledge have challenges
but they are surmountable. At the end of the meeting, the following decisions were reached and was formally announced by

  1. NERC asked EEDC to immediately discontinue the decommissioning (removal) of meters and to replace
    removed meters AT NO COST. The removed meters which will be replaced within one week of notification
    at no cost. NERC however assured that the meters will pass integrity tests. Affected consumers should
    therefore come to our NATIONAL SECRETARIAT at No 15A Unije Street, Independence Layout, Enugu
    to register your details as we shall commence immediate compilation of consumers for onward submission
    to EEDC. When this is done, you will start recharging and end estimated billings;
  2. Customers in SOUTHEAST (NDI-IGBO) are advised to key into the MAP option. This is applicable to
    consumers that does not have meters at all before now or for new properties/buildings. Every electricity
    consumer MUST go for meter and MUST pay for their consumptions. Go and apply for your meters today
    and take advantage of spaced payment over 24 months if you can’t pay once under the MAP initiative.
    Standalone meter is N39,000.00. This will guarantee you access to recharge your meters and do away with
    estimated billings which is a contentious issue today;
  3. EEDC and NUF were asked to synergize for enhanced communication and monitoring of EEDC field staff
    and report violations to EEDC forbetter service delivery. Ajoint committee will be formed to actualize this;
  4. NERC sued for peace in the Southeast. In event of infractions, NUFas the true representatives of the people
    (consumers) was empowered to formally report to NERC.
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In view of the above, NUF wishes to reemphasize by asking people without meter to go NOW and apply for meter while
those with meter SHOULD NOT ALLOW any EEDC staff to remove their meters. While protecting our rights, let’s us
endeavor to be good customers. Those with existing issues of over billing should explore areas of settlements or may inform
us for assistance.
We wish to thank NERC for her prompt intervention. Special appreciation to EEDC Management for maturity and
understanding as we pledge to work with them in a win-win situation. To NDI-IGBO that believes in the ideals of NUF, we
assure you that we won’t fail you as your assured voice that will always stand by and with you in our tasks of rebuilding our
region, rediscovering our identity and recovering lost grounds. Special mention are our indefagtible BOT Chairman,
Chief Hon Chinedu Mbah and Acting President General, Chief (Dr) Goddy Ezenagu. Many thanks to Security
agencies especially Nigeria Police Force, Department of State Security Services and Nigerian Security and Civil Defense
Corp for rare show of professionalism while this struggle lasted. Aworthy recognition to those that went to court to enforce
their fundamental rights on the subject matter. It all shows that YES, we can, we can change our narratives and we can
achieve a lot with oneness of mind and determination.
Going forward, we shall further commit ourselves to solving issues that commonly concerns us as a people. Individuals and
groups are enjoined to bring up matters that we can jointly pursue for our common good no matter how long it’s been. We
can only be respected and progress if individuals, organizations and governments at all level are made to be accountable to
the people who are the true custodians of POWER and to fear God in service.
Contact Numbers: 09099999632, 08181765800 & 08033603176
Finally, everyone is a winner including our esteemed EEDC!
Many thanks and God bless us All.
Mazi Agodi KANU
Acting Secretary General.

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