Distinguished Osun State Workers And Endorsement


The bold statement within the State of Osun All Progressives Congress (APC) government circles is that the state workers are Distinguished, defined by their dignity, nobility, distinction and high enterprise, different from their counterparts elsewhere in Nigeria.

The statement speaks eloquently to the law abiding propensity and ethical, professional high standards of the state public servants who neither go off the rails to enkindle or inflame narcissistic disorder to make Osun ungovernable nor feed the Osun publics on any diets of falsehood to ignite, flare up social dislocation.

Rather, the state workers’ disposition to dependability, maturity, judgment, loyalty, tact, enthusiasm and professionalism at work, increasing productivity and service delivery, helped correspondingly by their conspicuous, evident strengths in public morality, public peace, public trust and public integrity, strikingly autographs, imprints the Osun civil servants for contrasting eminence, reputation and fame under the APC – Governor Gboyega Oyetola.

Comparatively, the Osun civil servants in the opposition party era in the Bola Ige House, Osogbo, state capital, were treated to stick approach, coerced or threatened to get them to work; and in rare cases, when and where there was commitment to work, it was commitment blotched by carrot, corruptly actuated, coaxed that merely satisfied their superfluous ego. Impressing, the civil servants during the opposition era in the state were smudged, trademarked by absenteeism, lateness to work, incompetence, insubordination, abuses and all sorts of work-defeating genuflections, with impunity.

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What finest virtues of Osun workers under Oyetola that make them command respect the public servants in other states should aspire to acquire! The exceptionally uncommon good attributes of the Osun workers have practically made possible the unprecedented transformation of the state and as corollary, the deservedly admiration of the state workforce incumbent on the Oyetola government in the state.

Oyetola, determined, caring and meaningfully communicating is every inch driven by a positive sense of purpose and vision, unrelenting energy, perseverance and sacrifice as he plugs the diverse state challenges for greater strength, greater knowledge and greater experience as he navigates state governance by guided, cautious efforts, informed by his listening agility.

His open respect for ideas other than his own have called up sustainable developments across all sectors of the state economy, the demonstrable offshoot of the far reaching industry, resilience, cooperation and proficiency of the causative critical and engaging Osun workers rightly called the Distinguished, proudly upbeat, for the first time in Nigeria.

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‘‘I however urge you Distinguished workers….to approach your jobs with renewed vigour and commitment, and embrace the development agenda of the state,” Oyetola said. Distinguished? Meaning, the Osun workers have a good work reputation, an air of distinction at work, made manifest by excellent work output, conflict resolution without voice displeasure and selflessly orchestrated public policies, evident of discernible mind even when the deadline is starring them in the face.

Distinguished Osun workers! Of course, yes. They are, and are generally dignified in manner and appearance, exhibiting ingenuity, courage, dignity, responsibility, optimism and gratitude. Gratitude for what?

The Osun workers appreciate certain observable and observed facts. One is Oyetola’s democratic leadership, invoking consultation with the civil servants and engendering intelligent contribution in them as collective efforts towards achieving common objectives of serving Osun people. He’s not the end justifies the means’, the Italian Thomas Niccolo Machiavellian cunning, unscrupulous methods of an achiever in power. Oyetola is neither one given to ambiguity, aligned or hooked to the Hobeson choice.

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Two, Oyetola’s social contract motivates or generates in the state workers a set of standard values, attitudes and behaviour as valid, reliable and appropriately desirable psycho-ethical controls, conducive to their continually high performances at work or delivery of high quality services to the Osun governed. Three, Oyetola’s hard, tangible, standard and reproductive infrastructures have made huge differences in the Osun political economy with causal linkages to developments in the state.

Four, the development infrastructures, of redistributive contents have substantially impelled reduction in any vertical and horizontal development disparities among Osun communities, and sequentially, switched down costs of production of goods and services.

Five, the massive development infrastructures, right, left and centre of the state and composite social intervention policies and projects arrayed for enduring socio-economic prosperity and greatness of Osun are social contract, accountability and transparency compliant.
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OLUSESI is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity, Research & Strategy All Progressives Congress (APC) State of Osun*

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