Don’t Take Law Into Your Hands, Shelk Muhammad Gumi Advise Fulani Herdsmen in Southern Nigeria

Shelk Muhammad Gumi

The popular Islamic scholar Shelk Muhammad Gumi has Advise fulani Herdsmen in southern Nigeria not to take the law into their hand. Shelk Muhammad Gumi Said and i qoute ” There is a viral video going around of the attack on a Fulani settlement somewhere in southern Nigeria, showing the killing of some Fulanis with their babies and cattle. As the culprits must be brought to justice, the jungle justice of attacking innocent people because of their tribe, ethnicity, and religion is abominable and barbaric. 

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This is a call on all Nigerians to desist from the unethical profiling of individuals, no tribe is crime-free. The mere act of attacking innocent people can trigger reprisal attacks and uncalled mayhem.

Please, don’t be lawless like them. Nobody kills an innocent life and lives innocently.

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