E-Commerce Tips For Driving Repeat Sales Online

Right now the e-commerce industry is a roaring success. The pandemic combined with extra consumer disposable income is leading to a boom in sales which is bringing the future of shopping closer every day. 

But companies in the space have a big problem: severe competition. Barriers to entry are low, meaning that practically anyone can enter the space. So firms are having to come up with ingenious methods to drive repeat sales online. 

In this post, we take a look at some top ecommerce tips for brands that would like to take their revenues and profitability to the next level. 

Make Your Digital Experiences More Delightful

Customers want a sense of delight when interacting with your webpages, not a clunky or difficult-to-use experience. For that reason, e-commerce brands need to invest heavily in their user interfaces, menus and website backend. On-page responses to customer clicks should be lightning-fast and checking out needs to be a breeze – one click if you can manage it. 

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Improve Your Deliveries

These days, nobody wants to wait days for their items to come in the post. Instead, they want service right now. 

You’re not a miracle worker, so you can’t provide customers with the goods they want immediately. But you can improve how you go about making deliveries, cutting the time it takes to get products into their hands. 

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At the back end, you’ll want to focus on fulfillment and sortation. You need systems that allow you to process a large number of items quickly, with low labor requirements and error rates. At the customer-facing end, you’ll want to invest heavily in your last mile of service, perhaps using bicycles or couriers if you have to. 

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Use User-Generated Content

User-generated content is fast becoming the primary weapon in the battle for more ecommerce customers. This fantastic marketing approach uses customers’ own content to market to other potential leads. 

The best way to leverage this as a small business is to invest in gathering as many customer reviews as you can. Where possible, try to associate reviews with both your company and the individual products in your catalogue. 

Start Using Rewards

You can also encourage sales by beginning a reward program – something that far too few companies wind up using. A reward program might not sound like much, especially if you’re offering discounts on the order of 1 percent. But reward systems are more about changing customer habits than they are giving them the bargain of the century. Psychologically, it is much more difficult for prospects to shop elsewhere if they know they can get guaranteed money off their bill by remaining faithful to you. 

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Build A Great Brand

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It might sound obvious, but building a great brand is one of your primary weapons in the battle to get repeat business online. Companies that build strong brands are those most likely to last over time. Just look at the success of enterprises like Zappos and Amazon. They built incredible brands that did exceptionally well over time, growing every year. 

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