Edo and Ondo defections, a good sign of true change to be expected in 2023 – Dr Kalu

Edo and Ondo defections, a good sign of true change to be expected in 2023 - Dr Kalu

The National Publicity Secretary People Democratic party Youth Alliance and Director General, Global Initiative For Good Governance, GIGG, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has expressed excitement over the latest development in the political equation of Nigeria in recent times, saying that this is a sign of more surprises that will be felt in 2023 elections.

In a statement signed by his media and publicity aide, Comr Amos Kalu and made available to the press, Chief Dr Kalu recalled that he has always believed and predicted that this tsunami sweeping around Nigeria will usher in a better future for every Nigerian if only we can come together as a people to say No! to impunity and incompetence in leadership, a system where mediocrity is glorified over merit as our country is sacrificed on the altar of tribalism and bigotry.

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Chief Kalu was reacting to the defection of Ogun State Deputy Governor, Ajayi and Governor Obaseki from APC to PDP, saying, the process of taking power back from the Cabals to the people has just started.

“I have always maintained that time will right all the wrongs of 2015 to date, PDP lost to APC then because of complacency, PDP haven ruled for 16 years believed they have arrived and threw in the towel. But Politics is like a football game, you don’t relax until you hear the final whistle.

“We have learnt our lessons and the people have paid enough price, it is time to liberate them by PDP taking back power in 2023 because we have understood our shortcomings as a party vis-avis as a nation.

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“You can observe the maturity with which PDP handled the Edo State primaries and decamping of GGO to the party, that is how a party with ideals handles issues, placing the interest of the party above personal interest in the effort to liberate the people’,’ he said.

Further, he insisted that it is now up to the people of Edo State to do the needful by reelecting Governor Obaseki because that is the only way they can make a strong statement that they are tired of Godfatherism and autocratic leadership being offered by APC.

“When a woman marries two husbands, she will know the one that loves her better. We have seen all APC can offer and we know a man cannot offer more than he has. Let them go out and right the mistakes as the precedent has been set in Edo and Ondo, to be translated in 2023.

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“The bottomline is that it is in our hands now as a nation to insist that Nigeria will be working again by banking on the party with true democrats and not opportunist groups that came together in 2015 to cajole, deceive and trick the people into believing they can offer any form of change.

“We have seen it all. We have seen their best, it is now time to move on and make every effort to salvage what is left of our nation.

“This change in Edo and Ondo is a tip of the iceberg” He avered.

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