El-Rufai Is Pretending To Be A Saint Because Of His Presidential Ambition – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri El-Rufai

The state of insecurity in Nigeria has developed tension across every phase of the economy. It’s believed that some political leaders are trying to be as diplomatic as they could to keep their “hope” alive in 2023. In a moment that Bandits are dominating the Northern region, it’s not clear why some Governors of the region decided to keep mute.

One of these governors is El-Rufai. The Kaduna State Governor has been silent over the current issue of Bandits in his State. Earlier yesterday, Bandits attacked a primary school for the first since the insurgence in the North.

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Why would Bandits carry out attack on minors? That’s exactly why some influential personalities are calling out the Governor of the State to take proactive measures in ensuring the safety of those kids.

Earlier today, Nigerian Activist, Reno Omokri criticised El-Rufai for his silence. He said: “Nasir El-Rufai is just a hypocrite. This is a man who became the first Governor in Nigeria to admit paying Herdsmen in 2016, but now he is pretending to be a saint because of his presidential ambition”.

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