Erica Reveals Why She Can’t Be Friends With Laycon Again

The issue between Erica and Laycon can be said to be biggest controversy during the big brother naija reality show. They used to be friends during the beginning of the show, but along the line, the had a very big fight. Infact Erica’s fans still believe that Laycon was responsible for her disqualification.

During the reunion show which will be aired tonight, Erica was asked if she could still be friends with Laycon once again. She however replied that there was no point being friends with him again because she can never trust whatever comes out of his mouth. She also said he is just like a snake to her, who pretends so he can be pitied. She also said that she knew him for just two months in her twenty seven years of existence, so therefore he is not relevant. She also said that she feels stupid for telling him that he was smart and the best friend she had in the house.

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While she was talking, Laycon didn’t say anything, as he was just looking at her with a little smile on his face while waiting for her to finish talking. She then faced him and said “i watched a video where you were saying if you had the chance to talk to Erica, you will tell her she is smart. Are we not on the same groupchat”?

That was the last thing she said before the video ended. We will however get to watch the full video later tonight. It promises to be intriguing and interesting. The fans of the both of them are also waiting patiently to see what happened.

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