Even In Death, Michael Jackson’s Legacy Must Not Be Ridiculed By Joi John


In 1987, Michael Jackson defied the law of physics when he bent forward to almost 45 degrees in his music video, Smooth Criminal. Three researchers from India went cracking their brains and managed to get their work accepted by the esteemed Journal of Neurosurgery. It was titled “How did Michael Jackson Challenge Our Understanding of Spine Biomechanics”. Michael Jackson was and till date remains the greatest performer that ever lived. Michael Jackson is not called the ” King of pop” for nothing. He earned it. As a young child in the Jackson 5 group, his talent singled him out among his elder siblings. There was no special treatment to push him to the spotlight. His talent paved the way. Elevated by grace, the name “Michael Jackson” remains THE ONLY household name known by the young and old in every corner of the earth today and I stand to be corrected. I know his death was tragic but make no mistake, his legacy lives on and MUST NOT be ridiculed by careless comparisons.

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Michael Jackson’s music and style inspired almost every A-list entertainer of our time including my dear Beyonce. So, I can’t understand where this sudden “extra-boost” of confidence is coming from or WHO/WHAT is beating the drum for her. She really needs to FIND A CHAIR AND SIT DOWN somewhere!! Yes. I said it! Knowing how Beyonce rolls, if her team did not endorse this whole cyber drama, they would have found a way to acknowledge respect to MJ. This is not the first time such comparison has been drawn up so they are enjoying it but now, the whole stunt is beginning to backfire.

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Like many women out there, I admire Beyoncé too. One thing that endears me to her most is how she manages to keep her private life away from the prying eyes of the press. She has come a long way. On stage, she is an electrifying performer but she is no where near close to Michael Jackson. Even in death, there should be no comparison with the late king of Pop. None whatsoever. They are not mates. I would say that it is an outright insult to Michael Jackson’s legacy and I have no apologies for taking this position. Break your skeleton all you want on stage, the King of Pop is irreplaceable. There is just no room for argument.

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