Ex Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure calls out Ozil over his Chinese criticism

Ex Barcelona and Manchester city midfielder Yaya Toure has called out ozil for his criticism about the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China.

Yaya Toure who is also Muslim said Ozil was wrong to have made such comments, sighting that footballers are not to meddle in politics.

Last week, Ex Germany player of Turkish decent Mesut Ozil called out the Chinese government over the alleged persecution of religious and ethnic minority groups in China.

This didn’t go down well with the Chinese government as they removed the EPL match between Arsenal and Manchester city from the countries television broadcast on Sunday.

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“Footballers have to stay with football and politicians to politics because you cannot be involved with this kind of things because it’s going to attract a lot of problems and a lot of things,” Toure told The Associated Press.

“As a Muslim it is complicated and it is his choice. He’s been doing his comments but I think he was wrong to say that.

“I always love football and that’s why sometimes I don’t want to be political.”

Yaya Toure who is currently in Doha for the club World Cup, played in the second division in China for five months and was instrumental to his club promotion to the Chinese Super League this season.

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