Excerpts From Dr. Dakuku’s Radio Interview On 93.7 fm View Point , 24th July 2020

  • “Under our watch Nigeria was rated 1st in flag and port state control in the whole of west and central Africa by the IMO”
  • “While in NIMASA, We initiated, approved and commenced the construction of Centre for Transport and Logistics in Uniport . That project is 80 percent completed as we speak “
  • ” We engaged 1000 Search and Rescue Marshalls ,400 of them were from Rivers State. We also engaged 100 Marine litter Marshals , out of which 30 are from Rivers State “
  • “27 Rivers Sons were on NIMASA scholarship to study abroad. When compared to the total number you will see that Rivers State is well represented “
  • “My mandate as DG NIMASA was not purely for Rivers people but for all Nigerians which Rivers people was included”
  • “The legitimacy of Government is determined by the legitimacy of the Electoral process . That is why I support electronic transmission of results . It’s not about party or which region of the country you come from”
  • “Rivers State today is one of the most endangered state in the country in terms of security “
  • “The Government uses lock down approach for every challenge , when there’s a security challenge they lock down the state and lock down the power of creative thinking”
  • “As of today by National Bureau statistics data , and Police record , Rivers State is number 8 in insecurity Challenge in the country “
  • “Rivers State is one of the states we have not had direct foreign investment for the past 6years”
  • “Property Vacancy rate for Rivers State is 19% compared to lagos with 11%, that means more properties are vacant in the state. Rivers state and port harcourt property appreciation rate is the lowest among her peers “
  • “When I advocate for Job creation, its for the young people. Government has not directly intervened to set up industries. Government has also not created the environment for investment inflow “
  • “ Amaechi’s government embarked on projects that created employment such as Songhai farm with intention to replicate it in all 3 senatorial districts , fish farms , cassava processing plant , Banana plantation , plus numerous other projects . Wike’s breast pocket government is the exact opposite “
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-“ Rivers State under Wike has made no progress in employment creation. The indicators are there . No successful business / investment have been attracted to the state , government has not paid attention to creating industries and has not provided the environment for private investment to thrive “

-“Few projects embarked upon by Wike and his team have no direct linkage with the local economy . Rivers people are not in any way benefiting from the projects and rivers people are getting impoverished “

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-“Our local economy in Rivers State has literarily collapsed . 3 indicators , in the property market , residential vacancy rate is high and property appreciation is low . Our competitiveness is the lowest when compared to our peer cities , and no jobs are being created “

“ Yes Wike has built a few flyovers and I am sure that is what Marshall Obuzor refers to as infrastructure . Flyovers doing at what cost? No traffic study and awarded without due process , no advertisement , no linkage to the local economy . Flyovers concentrated on two major roads and two LGAs smacks of shortsightedness “

  • “I am committed to working with those who believe in a greater Rivers state, whatever it takes to get rivers state to where we are, I will do”
  • “A Government is supposed to go through documents before speaking in public, I don’t expect anyone that occupies that office to talk without studying documents”
  • “I challenge the Government openly and ask Gov Wike to respond that who owns ciscon construction company that was awarded RUMUIPIRIKOM internal road construction by NDDC that was not done but money collected “
  • “I have never been a member of any cult group in my life, and I was never stripped naked. I challenge anybody to prove otherwise “
  • “Rivers State has never had a budget right from inception . I challenge Rivers State Government to tell Rivers people how much Rivers State recieved from Federal Government allocation and how it was spent , that is true accountability “

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