Ezza North LGA Stakeholders Accuse Umahi Of Failed Promises

Ezza North LGA Stakeholders Accuse Umahi Of Failed Promises



1. It could be recalled that in 2015 when Engr. David Nweze Umahi visited Ezza North Local Government Headquarters, Ebiaji to ask the good people of Ezza North to vote for him, he promised the good people of Ezza North LGA that work would commence on the road leading from Quarry junction to Achiagu.  But on the contrary, that road was the first road he awarded in Ezza North and Ebonyi State but it has not been completed till date. 

2. It could be recalled that Engr. David Nweze Umahi promised our people that he would construct ring roads in Ebonyi State, the road leading from 135 Ezzamgbo to Onueke, Ezza South LGA inclusive, but the inconsistent Governor has not been able to fulfill his promise to construct the major road that connects Ezza North and Ezza South Local Government Areas to other tribes in Ebonyi State.

3. There is a dangerous Akadoro River that lies between Inyere and Ogboji wards in Ezza North LGA which is a major route for Inyere, Ogboji, Ekka and Nkomoro people.  This river has taken many lives, especially during the rainy seasons and the Governor is aware of all these ugly situations, but he has not done anything to forestall the menace.

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4. It could also be recalled that in 2019, the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr. David Nweze Umahi asked his Liaison Officers to go to their various wards to profile some farmers for anchor-borrowing from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).  He told the Liaison Officers to distribute the anchor-borrowing application forms to the farmers; the farmers to survey their lands and bring their maps to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ebonyi State.  He told the poor farmers to travel from their various villages to the Ebonyi State High Court, Abakaliki to swear an Oath and sign a Memorandum of Understanding at the sum of N1,200.00 (One Thousand, Two Hundred Naira) each, which they all did.  But the ugly part of the programme was that he used the profiles and affidavits of these peasant farmers which they all paid for, to get the loan from the CBN and diverted it to himself and eventually left the village peasant farms in the lurch. 

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5. Since the emergence of Engr. David Nweze Umahi as the Governor of Ebonyi State, Ezza North LGA has been experiencing disunity between individuals and individuals, stakeholders, the rulers and the ruled, village and village, ward and ward.  The bond that keeps our people together has been exterminated by David Nweze Umahi’s divide and rule administration. There is also disunity among kindreds in every community in Ezza North LGA, brought about by Dave Umahi’s administration which promotes favoritisms. 

6. David Umahi’s administration has promoted cultism to the highest point in Ezza North LGA.  The evidences are cult killings at Omege ward in 2019 which claimed many lives, cult killings at Oriuzor ward in 2019 and 2020 which also claimed many lives and cult killings at Ekka ward which happened recently in 2020 and claimed some lives.

7. Dave Umahi’s administration has no respect for our elders and stakeholders from Ezza North LGA.

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8. The evidence of his administration such as pipe-borne water, good roads, affordable education, peace, unity, security and above all, healthy living which is contrary to poverty which is the core characteristics of his administration, are not felt in Ezza North LGA.  

9. In view of these ugly features of Dave Umahi’s administration, we the stakeholders and elders of Ezza North LGA hereby unanimously condemn in a strong term the present administration in Ebonyi State and declare that we are PDP people and shall remain in PDP as it is the only party that has made Ebonyi proud and will continue to make Ebonyi proud.


1. Chief Dr. Nwankwo Nwite (JP)

2. Hon. Nwuzor Anthony

3. Hon. Ezeh David

4. Hon. Nworie Celestine

5. Chief Elechi Agada (JP)

6. Chief Hyginus Ali

7. Hon. Nwafor McDonald

8. Hon. Nwokporo Uchenna

9. Hon. Ekechi Hyginus

10. Hon. Nworie Magnus

11. Hon. Nwokpoku Nwali

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