Fani-Kayode, Church of Satan in hot battle of wits

Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has engaged the Church of Satan in a battle of wits on twitter.

Church of Satan had reacted to a story where a pregnant woman and five of her children were among seven people who had been killed in a suspected exorcism in Panama.

The victims, who were from an indigenous community, were rounded up by 10 lay preachers before being tortured, beaten, burned and hacked with machetes to make them “repent for their sins”.

In reply, Church of Satan said “This happened during an exorcism, Christians attacked other Christians who they believed to be possessed. It has nothing to do with Satanism, and wasn’t a Satanic group. They are Christians.”

But Fani-Kayode tackled Church of Satan, saying, “Yet another lie from the pit of hell. You are a liar & the father of lies & so is your father Satan. Why do you satanists find it so difficult to accept responsibility for your actions? The DEMONS that possessed that poor soul & that were being exorcised belong to SATAN & not GOD!”

Church of Satan replied Fani-Kayode by saying that “Didn’t we spank you hard enough last time? No judgement of course, but if you are into public humiliation, there are people you can pay for that without having to keep asking us for another slap.”

Fani-Kayode then replied Church of Satan: “You and whose army? Stop kidding yourself! I knocked you for 6 and you are still reeling from it. Ready for round 2? Nothing gives me more pleasure than putting a gutless fiend who worships Satan in its place. If you want a dressing down continue your rubbish & you will get it.”

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