Fani Kayode Is Right – The Name Yoruba(yarriba) Was Created In 1808

Fani kayode Is Right – The Name Yoruba(Yarriba) Was Created In 1808 By colonial masters. Prior to 1808, the name Yarriba/Yoruba never existed no where in history books. Yarriba or Yoruba was a creation of the slave masters from largely invaders and willing tool called Dahumeys (Dahumeys are natives of Benin Republic and Togo, more related to Hausas, also known as Hamites, a type of blacks) and from minorities (Natives of the land known as Negroe blacks such as the Egbas, Ijebu-Igbo, Igbo-Ora, Abeokuta(Abe Okute in Igbo)) to assist Hausa-Fulani to promote and protect One Nigeria for them. The fact is 80% of Yoruba today are Dahumey blood; you can tell because most Yorubas look like Dahumeys, the likes of Tinubu, Fashola, Aregbosola, Bakare, Adeboye, Abiolas, e.t.c. They have smaller head, darker in complexion, less hairy, skinny to slim build, and mostly Muslims or formerly Muslims. These Dahumeys are also the yoruba ruling class ruling over the real owners of the land! They are the ones that mostly want One Nigeria to continue because naturally blood know their blood; they want to be with Hausa-Fulani.

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While the remaining 10-20% are the original natives of the land, who are actually conquered people like Hausas, they are mostly Christians, a type of black people called Negroes, more related to Igbos and Edo(real Edo with Igbo blood such as the Igodomigodo people; the Esan, Ogbonna, Auchi, e.t.c., not the majority Dahumeys invaders in Edo today that comprise of 60%). These yoruba minority are well built, muscular, bigger head like Igbos, brown skin, thick hair, broader shoulders, these are the likes of Mimiko, Fani Kayode, Adenuga, Funsho Williams, Ambode, Deji, Obasanjo, you can mistake them as Igbo if you saw them out there. These are the real owners of the land today you call Yorubaland, however being ruled by invaders Dahumeys who are largely muslims and loyal to the caliphate, than to the Yoruba race.

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