FG and security chiefs undermining security in Nigeria – Wike

Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike says apart from the politicization of security, some actions of the Federal Government and security chiefs are also undermining the security in the country.

Speaking when he played host to the emir of Kano, on Friday, Governor Wike who questioned the sincerity of the federal government says insecurity will continue to be a headache for the country if the federal government continues to allow the appointment or posting of security personnel across the country to be based on patronage and not merit or competence

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The return of the dusty harmattan wind from the north has brought to Rivers State, an august visitor in the person of the Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero in the midst of rising ethnic tension and insecurity, the emir is on a mission to kindle the embers of peace, unity, and tolerance
He noted that God has brought the different ethnic groups that make up Nigeria together for a purpose and that purpose he says is to build a strong and united country. 

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Commending the emir’s initiative, Governor Nyesom wike says every Nigerian has a role to play in building a united and peaceful country adding that the country has never been more divided along ethnic and religious lines than it is today.
The governor also notes that politicians are the root cause of the problems facing the country.
While speaking on the growing insecurity in the country, Governor Nyesom Wike who questions the sincerity of the federal government says its actions, as well as the questionable deployments of personnel by security chiefs, are further helping to undermine security in Nigeria.
And in another development, the Rivers State Governor has accepted the invitation to visit kano to watch and participate in the durbar and general celebration to mark the Eidel celebration coming in May.

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