For Equity To Be Fair, It Has To Be Complete

As the days draw close, with every passing day we are 24hrs closer to the Nov. 6th Guber Election. The political environment is already heated. While many are still dabbling in the confusion of if Zoning is for real or not, others have understood the fact that, even as it was not an official arrangement, Zoning is an unspoken or unwritten agreement which Ndi Anambra has embraced to help in ensuring that Equity and fairness is practiced while electing our leaders. This, aside from giving all sectors of the state a sense of belonging, will also decentralise development and help it spread amongst other senatorial Zones.

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An igbo adage says “Anyukó amili oñu, ogbá ufufu” this simply means that 2 good heads are better than one. On that note, as we are considering the position of the Governor, there Is need as well to consider the Position of the Deputy. This brings us to the intent of this write up.
For Equity to be complete, we have to consider the locality extraction of the number 2 citizen of our dear state.
Looking at the hierarchy of the present government, the Governor is from Anambra North, while the deputy is from Anambra Central ( DNA Constituency), Speaker of the House, Anambra North.
Looking into the future, by 2022 we will be Ushering in a Governor of Anambra South Extraction, by a Speaker of the House from Anambra North. It is only right and Fair that the deputy will come from Anambra Central ( Awka North and South Constituency) precisely. This will Spell Equity and Fairness, as all parties involved are properly represented in the government at the appropriate time.
I hereby use this chance to appeal to the leadership of the various political parties in this contest, to consider this form of proper power distribution so that all citizen of the state will have a sense of belonging to the governance of the people.

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