Former Ohaneze Ndigbo PG, Dr Dozie Ikedife remembered one year after

As the former President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Dr Dozie Ikedife is remembered one year after he joined his ancestors, one of his sons, Dr Somadina Ikedife who has taken over the management of Ikedife Hospital, Nnewi, Anambra State has described his late father as one who realized his physical frailty early in life, after he had learnt that “strong men ruled the world.”

Dr Somadina disclosed this in a statement he titled “a view of an avatar” which he made available to journalists.

He said his father then thought of other ways to develop his strength, and chose to develop a very strong mind and character, adding that this lit in him a very strong desire to acquire knowledge and wisdom. He noted that his late father then became a very prolific reader and eagerly sort knowledge.

He acquired his first degree in Anthropology, University of London whilst an undergraduate medical student at University of Glasgow, Scotland.
This degree and further quest for knowledge exposed him to different phylosophies, religions, sects, cults and schools of thoughts.
He developed strong bonds with men and women at the head of these various groups.

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“Ikenga was a deep and free thinker who interacted with everyone with an inquisitive but open mind. He had very poor tolerance for dishonesty.
He cherished the Catholic priests for their depth of knowledge, the Jehovah’s witnesses for their strong character, the traditional religions for their punitive system, and the Islamic call “Al akhbar” because he believed that God is really great. These, created a bit of confusion to many minds about his religious affiliation, ” he submitted.

He said the late Igbo leader welcomed those various groups he interacted with, but belonged to *none* of them.

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He declared that his late father was a symbol of simplicity, someone who was averse to collecting gifts and very shy at asking for personal favours, “yet he would go miles seeking favours for others.”

Junior Dr Ikedife told journalists that one needed no appointments to see his late father, saying all that was required was one’s patience for him to consult with his patients first, then he would interact and engage with you in divers topics irrespective of your background.

According to him, the late elder statesman placed so much value on education that he would rather starve but made sure hundreds got a university degree. His kindness, he said, was displayed most through numerous free medical and surgical services, especially to those who could not afford them.

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He had a very big sense of contentment, ever grateful to God for His much blessings to him. His prayers was always “thank God for His blessings and may God’s will be done”.

“Ikuku ebu mkpu (an unmoveable earth, as he was fondly called), believed so much in hard work, honest earning, fairness and justice. He was committed to community development, ” he noted.

He explained that his late father was a man of many parts, adding that one needed an encounter with him to be able to understand that he was fair minded and a just man who desired a free, just and equitable society.
Dr Somadina insisted that many found late Dr Chief Dozie Ikedife rather quirky.

Dr Dozie Ikedife died on December 11, 2018.

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