France : Doctors join nationwide for strike against pension reforms.

More than 600 doctors who are  threating to resign  gave the warning that french  hospitals are « dying » unless the government negotiates with them to resolve the problem. On this Tuesday ,French doctors will join other public and private sector workers for the third nationwide for strike against pension reforms.

“Due to a lack of funding enabling us to provide quality treatment,guaranteeing patients’ safety ,we have no choice but to start a “disobedience movement”,said  600 doctors in an opened published in the JDD newspaper on last Sunday.

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Men and woman in white coats say they have had enough to temporary beds , angry patients  and staff shortages so they want a debate on public hospital services with real plan that shores up funding and staffing .

“The hospital is dying and the  health minister is giving only palliative treatment” said  men in white coats.

As an answer the health minister Agnes Buzyn has said “last year , for the first time in ten years the public hospital budget increased” but “many doctors have yet to see the immediate effect of the budget announcements” she said �

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