Fuel Hike: I warned Nigerians about president Buhari – Fayose

A lot of Nigerians are now reacting to the hike in the price of petrol in Nigeria. Ayodele Fayose the former governor of Ekiti state wouldn’t keep quiet about what happened. According to the post he just made now, he said he warned Nigerians about the president before he became the president of Nigeria but people didn’t listen to him then. Now he is the president and we are facing a lot of hardship.

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Ayodele Fayose is a well known man before he was the governor of Ekiti state and after he left office as the governor. He would always speak out and he seems to be a fearless man. Nigerians had been reacting about the fuel price that suddenly went up overnight, Ayodele Fayose didn’t keep quiet about it too. He said, he warned us but we didn’t listen to him about Buhari.

People had been reacting to this statement by Ayodele Fayose and they said they actually listened to Fayose but it actually takes the majority to become the president of this country. Majority voted for him and he won as the president

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