Fulani Herdsman To Pay 500,000 Naira Fine If They Kill Anyone In Anambra State – Obiano

Many people are confused as to the video trending online where gov Obiano said that it was agreed that herdsmen will pay 500,000 naira to the family of anyone they kill, and our people will also pay same money to the herdsmen if they kill any of them.

I think the public needs better explanation as to what the governor meant in that speech.

Human life whether Fulani, farmer or Onye Igbo can not be placed at a mere 500,000 naira worth.

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Murder is a serious criminal matter, and it is only the court and not a governor that can place sentence or fine to a suspect.

Murder should be viewed as a serous abomination and whoever that kills must face justice through the court with a huge consequence.

I don’t know which law empowers the governor to arrive at that conclusion of 500,000 naira per murder of either a herder or a farmer in the state.

I think the media handle of the state govt should do the needful.

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