Godwin Maduka,A Round Peg In A Round Hole

Godwin Maduka

Godwin Maduka, US based medical doctor and philanthropist, deserves to be considered as one of the icons of emulation by the Nigerian society. This is important for the gaze of the Nigerian youth who continues to struggle in spaces devoid of hope and dashed aspirations. Maduka whose story can be likened to a biblical cornerstone has shown that education and investment in the quality of life should be the criteria for celebrating personalities. It is those who reflect and engage the advancement of humanity with qualities that fosters harmony, and engenders peace, prosperity, memorable long life as against brutish existence that deserve accolades, awards and mentions in national discourse. It is within this framework that most international awards create the criteria for recognizing the works of a man’s heart.
The Order of the British Empire (OBE) is one of the most coveted awards given by the Queen of England. This recognition is a celebration of the significant role played by a person whose has contributed his or her expertise to a local, national, or regional problem. The Jurors of the awards focus on the person’s ability to look beyond selfish survivalist tendencies to an outlook that embraces the growth and prosperity of mankind. For a man to be laureled with an OBE or any prestigious award, he or she must have a culture of empathy—empathy has the proclivity to come to the understanding of a disturbing phenomenon or event in order to engage it.
Godwin Maduka was born in 1963 to a humble family. His mother was a farmer while his father was a native doctor. I believe that it is at the formative years of Godwin Maduka that he began to understand the plight of the people. Being the son of a Dibia meant he had access to the narratives of woes, health challenges and myriad of problems which his father treated, provided succor and sought the mercy of the gods. His Mother’s sense of industry as a farmer must have also taught him lessons of self-sustainability as he later had to farm to send himself and his siblings through school. The life of Godwin Maduka began to take shape in Umuchukwu, Orumba South Local Government Area of Anambra State. Great men usually come from humble beginnings. Nelson Madiba Mandela was a boy whose family wealth and pride had been displaced by the Boer authorities when he was born, He was born into scrounging poverty. I believe Godwin Maduka faced such problems as well, the work of the Dibia became less lucrative with the advent of Christianity and this adversely affected the offspring of the Dibia. What is important here is that both Mandela and Maduka were able to surmount the challenges that faced them during their childhood, the same empathy and leadership qualities found in their fathers at their traditional roles were emulated by their sons for modern roles. Childhood prepared them for the future.
Godwin Maduka later traveled to RSUT College in the US where he earned a degree in Chemistry, inquisitive about the workings of herbs and chemicals, the scientist ventured to earn a doctorate in Pharmacy at the Mercy University Pharmacy School. Maduka realized that his role in society would need more than the engagement of an expert pharmacist, therefore he enrolled himself at the University of Tennessee where he later bagged a degree in Medicine. Maduka decided to specialize in Anaethesiology after engaging proficiently the areas of chemistry, pharmacy and medicine. His penchant to ease the pain of his people at home was his drive. He decided to go through the training phase of his career at the Havard University School of Medicine in Boston Massachusetts. This journey is instructive because education is the vehicle of good leadership. Leaders are meant to be the crème of society; people who have knowledge and expertise to ameliorate the sufferings of the people. The educational journey of Godwin Maduka was also important because of the cosmopolitan perspectives, the international awareness to both infrastructural development and advancement in medicine that are in need in the homeland. His educational foray encourages all men and women, especially men and women of the same race to show forth their excellence in specialized fields.
Godwin Maduka was nominated the 2019 Leadership Excellence Man of the Year by Igberetv recently. His contributions to society trumped the prolific governance style of Seyi Makinde, the governor of Oyo State, Aliko Dangote, the influential billionaire industrialist, Allen Onyema, MD of Air Peace, and Akinwumi Adeshina, President of the African Development Bank. All these men are worthy of accolades because of their extensive work in making the lives of Nigerians better. The signature of Godwin Maduka stands out because his contributions to Umuchukwu and as an extension, South East Nigeria, are feats that have not even been achieved by any sitting state government. Dr Godwin Maduka built the tallest hospital in Africa and it is envisioned to be the best equipped hospital in the continent, he has built over 100 houses for poor and displaced people in his community. He has built new classrooms at the Immaculate Conception International College. He has built a new police station to ensure security and wellbeing of police and community relations. Maduka has built a new market to encourage farmers and traders. All his philanthropic gestures have become landmark socioeconomic infrastructures put in place to enhance existence and create communal and national harmony and growth.
Society is shaped by whatever it promotes. The new generation will aspire to those who are celebrated across the length and breadth of the country, whether for good, bad or fickle deeds. It is important for the media to feed the mind of the future leaders with staples of hope and stories of great philanthropic giants like Godwin Maduka whose contribution to society can be seen as part of the huge and practical contributions of Nigerians-in-Diaspora to their homelands. Godwin Maduka has also gone a notch from the average Diasporan by not only transferring the knowledge of infrastructural facilities to the homeland landscape but also transferring his knowledge and expertise in the medical field to his people. These investments in the growth of human capital and infrastructural development are laudable. They are glimmers of hope for many oppressed and suffering Nigerians.

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