Helpless 6yrs Old Girl Raped By Pastor

An helpless young girl raped by a pastor while she was just 6 years old is now a mother at a tender age of 12.

In the Hospital (Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Edo State) a case of pre eclampsia was reviewed (one of the hypertensive disorders in pregnancy) and the patient was booked for an emergency cesarean section (CS) and she was delivered of a baby girl; both the baby and mother are in perfect condition.

We get to see a lot of deliveries both complicated anduncomplicated ones and we are always happy to hearthat both the mother and baby are fine.

What struck me today about this particular patient was the fact that this isn’t particularly a happy story, the man inside of me left me because I was in total disarray, almost shedding tears..

I just held myself as a man…You know what? She is just 12 years old, yes a minor who hasn’t even seen her first menses and since ovulation occurs before menstruation, she probably ovulated and sadly her first ovulation got her pregnant at this tender age.

To cut this long story short, she lost the father at age 5, and was asked to stay with a Pastor, at age 6.

Unfortunately, she was raped by her guardian “the pastor”. Yes you heard me. Just imagine the pains and trauma she went through. The said pastor took turns on her on daily basis, because she has no whereto run to, nobody would even believe her.

Sadly again, she was taken from the pastor to a ‘traditional healer’ to be staying with.
The traditional healer was not left out as he also raped the poor girl on several occasions.

he finally moved to stay with her Aunt, hoping to have a better life, at least go back to school get a job to enable her take care of her sick mother afterwards, then her neighbor made her a prey; raped her several times till she finally got pregnant.

It was gathered that her mum died about a year ago, though still in mortuary till date. I really don’t know the kind of supervision she got from her care givers but one thing I know is that they failed to protect her, they failed to shield her from the wickedness of this world, they failed to perform their duties as care givers and guardians, as such, life got her scared.

Imagine being a mother at 12

A devastating tale, however, the abused child has the tendency to be abused again, if she isn’t rescued now,she’ll probably have 3 or more babies before she becomes an adult and that’s if she lives up to adulthood and survives the complications of pregnancy as well as those of sexual abuse and everyother difficulties which she would surely face.

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