History Is On The Side Of The Igbos, But They’re Their Own Undoings


…..Chief chibuike rotimi ameachi and sen. Orji uzo kalu are two igbo heroes

I am a Cross riverian man. I am not Igbo. I am partly from the South and Central Senatorial Districts of Cross River State. We also bear the name “Obi”. It means, chief. So do not get me wrong here. And by the way, the “Obi..s” everywhere happens to be great people. Whether as peasants or nobles, rich or poor. Coming from the southeast of Nigeria or the south south of the equator. They are all in spite of their circumstances of birth, intrinsically great in content here on earth, in Zion and before the Lord of Host. Check that out yourself before you persecute me for blowing our trumpet.

PRESIDENT Mohammadu Buhari would’ve been favourably disposed to an Igbo presidency had they been together as one.

THERE is nothing like “Hausa Fulani Hegemonic Rule” in Nigeria, in my view. I do not know if its in existence in nearby Niger republic, Niamey, Chad or Bene Republic. Here It does exist only in the figments of doddering cowards made up of lazy men and women represented in the face of obvious challenges riddled with some form of contestation which is been driven by ethnicity. They’re caught in the web of their own illusion which is responsible for all the tremulousness experienced by victims in that respect. These lots of buffoons as a matter of tradition, would always complain of their tools as a scapegoat. No quilmes. As a man thinketh of himself, they say, so will he become by the foolery of his thought which is the outcome of his mental state.

THE “Fulanisational combustive fear” which seems to ravage our psyche and been pandered as proof of the nepotist tendencies of the Fulanis in power has become rapturously heightened now in the country as a result of the presence of the current Nigerian president Mohammadu Buhari who happens to ba a Fulani. And this is born out of indolence and mischiefs. Such exist only in the imaginations of those persons or group of people in a section of the country (our south south inclusive) who are uncoordinated and lack the unity of purpose that enhances cohesion. Which is why they tern to wield the type of collective aggression that has the potential of attracting public sympathy with the hope that such attitude may lead them to the usurpation of power by blackmail and not through the use of collective bargaining.

THIS is in spite of the fact that those parrots now championing the nepotism-song are known to have done nothing for themselves while they were in possession of the instruments of power accorded them through a consensual agreement necessitated by their indulgences as a result of “Birthrights” bestowed on them by nature’s generosity as citizens of a space in an area called Nigeria. But they failed to utilize it properly and now squirms and cry wolf of being marginalized by those who are making good use of their own chances in the same system. Their accusation is unfounded and does exist only in their imagination.

THE position taken by those in power today by any judgement cannot be seen as a fault of theirs but that of their opponents to state the fact as it. The various groups or tribes in Nigeria especially amongst the three major dominant ethnic groups, namely the Hausa, Igbos and Yorubas are legitimately entitled to take turn to rule the country and these cannot be subsumed by any smack of interference or legislative abrogations. The right to power is therefore in the hands of those who seek it in their ability to assert themselves and how they go about wowing the other ethic groups in contention in the case of Nigeria, to see reasons with them on why they should be supported.

THE good thing in the Nigerian’s situation or scenario is that each of the three major groups in contention have something uniquely theirs in their areas to claim ownership of; given by nature wholly and solely. Many of which are never found on the other sections entirely be it minerals or human resources. And which could serve as a bargaining chips by each section from which they can use in the negotiation process exclusively. And this brings out the uniqueness of each section as it gives it the capacity to stand even in the events of a breakup.

NO group therefore should been seen to act as fetters to another’s ambition except the later decides to succumb. And it is their decision to make at any given time. Each were suppose to have their priorities straightened out and do well to implement them to suit needs when the opportunity gives itself. Notwithstanding, a lazy workman will always complaint of his tools as a way of excuse in the event of failure.

EXAMPLE of such intolerable misadventure was seen in our decimal performance recently as southerners when power was brought to us on a plater through providence from where we were to achieve maximum benefit for our people but failed woofly. That singular incident did served as the measure of our greatness as a people from that section or lack of it. And further exposes understandingly why we’re always agitating. Because we’re fragment and not well tutored in the use of power. And it became obvious from what we did with the power given to us during the Presidency of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, a minority man from the South South zone favoured with power which was poorly utilized and was characterised by squandermania.

THE trouble with Nigeria is not one that is isolated nor is it peculiar to any tribe. It is propelled by a common factor which are based on some historical antecedence. And this includes greed and buck passing. And those can never be the making of the current leadership headed by president Mohammadu Buhari as some deceitful individuals wants us to believe. It is neither gender nor tribe sensitive. It’s ubiquitous in the case of our disunity. And can be tackled with minimal adjustments of our values and shifting of grounds by stakeholders to adequately address these anomalies to ennoble a peaceful coexistence through the application of a conscious reawakening of our brotherhood spirit of one Nigeria by the breaking of all barriers and bridging up chasms, be they tribal or religious.

THERE is nothing as Fulani Hegemonic dominance as claimed by many. Every section in Nigeria has tested power and were suppose to do as they choose with it. Except perhaps the Igbos who have not been given clear opportunity to be at the head of government in this modern time of a “Democratic Nigeria.” Much of which is caused by their own foppery and largely by their inability to speak with one voice or pursue a common goal with the doggedness it requires considering their potentials. Even with all the wealth and commercial strength which they often display including their spread of influence, these still elude them. In fact, in every nock and crannies of Nigeria you’ll find an Igbo man or woman doing well and acting as influence in such places. The Igbos are a hard working people and are an unshakable lots who can turn any situation to suit their needs except life which is the preserve only of the Almighty.

THE undecidedness of the Igbos or the leaders from Igbo extraction to collectively strive to be at the helm of affairs in Nigeria as the number one person on the driver’s sit is their bane. And not the Fulanis or any hegemonic structure of any guise put in place meant to hinder them. Be it from the Yoruba group or the Fulani North. The problem with Igbo is that they’re too independent minded. Which is why the average Igbo person complaints less but continue to work hard in their chosen fields of endeavor wherever they find themselves.

IT is their divisiveness that has largely informed the epileptic and less gregarious support the Independent People’s of Biafra (IPOB) as a group headed by Nnamdi Kanu have enjoyed seemingly. Wherefore, a voice in one breathe speaks of Biafra and seeks change of sovereignty from Nigeria. While another very eloquent voices seeks for elections into houses of Assemblies, Senate and Governorship of Nigeria. All from one people. Whose message then shall we believe? God is not the author of confusion they say. This is the simple reason why when men of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo cries foul, no one truly takes them serious. As they’re seen often as making a caricature of themselves mostly.

THE Igbos as a tribe and people have capacities to change Nigeria. And no one is stopping them or can stop them but themselves. History is on their side. All they need is unity of purpose laced with an effective networking across the Niger and those hegemonies if the ever do existed or are in existence will crumble like a pack of cards. And this cannot be realized through insurrection or war as some are deceitfully trying to contemplate or are engaged in.

WAR is never the answer at this time of our history especially for the Igbo person. No country ever survives two civil wars. And power, especially “political power” is never given to one on a platter. It is earned through the display of courage and the show of capacity to govern on the part of those who are demanding it in order to attract a gregarious acceptability from those who are comfortably entrenched in the piquancy of the benefits enjoyed in their different enclaves over whose grip of the power been sort demands negotiations in a transubstantiational manner. Such that would inspire cross fertilization of ideas to warrant a legitimate accommodation by the host through a consensual agreement of give and take.

THE political transformation of the Igbos therefore would be revolutionary if it is made to take an upward gravitation through a collective resistance against the existing indifferences prevailing amongst themselves as a tribe who will now be focused towards one direction or denominator whichever one suites the time. These, if agreed to, were to be carried out with a commitment to effect the necessary change in unison. And done through persuasion of all those from that section of the country who are in politics. Where they’re expected to operate as a team to galvanize support as a unit under one political umbrella in control of the center.

TODAY as we speak the APC is readily available to bear that cross as it is now well positioned as the ruling party of note. And that is the way to go. I wonder why the Igbos of Nigeria would prefer to be going round and round in circles in pursuit of something that has no power to afford them a leap such as the PDP? It baffles me why a great tribe like the Igbos should be seen rudderless with all the strength they possess?

THE Igbos must trace their step as a people in need of something back to where God’s blessings would engulf them and to add no more sorrows. That place is found in the APC, which is the ruling party. Short and simple.

THE alienation of the Igbo person mostly, is no fault of anyone but themselves. They do this through the entrenchment of selfish leaders and their lack of unity of purpose. You cannot fight from the outside especially in a democracy where and when you do not have the numerical strength to do so. Senator Ruchas Okorocha, chief Orji Uzo Kalu, chief Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, senator Chris Ngige, Ogbonna Onu, Jeffrey Onyema, Ken Nnamani, Hope Uzodinma and others who are today in the APC going by my own assessments are seen as the Igbo heroes. Take it or leave it. And for me, the most celebrated of them are Chief Chibuike Rotimi Ameachi and Senator Orji Uzo Kalu. Why?

THESE two great men of Igbo extraction though controversial and highly criticized, have so endeared themselves to Nigerians than most. Their humanitarian gestures across the Niger as they use to say, are impeccable. It exerts much influence on the Igbo sychi by breaking all the inhibitions that seems to characterize the Igbo question of whether or not they’re truly marginalized or is just a question of complacency on the part of certain individuals or groups.

SENATOR Orji Uzo Kalu’s activities in particular has global fumigation to allay the fears of those who regard the Igbos more of a cantankerous bunch than what they truly represents whom various advises suggests are those to be careful with, who’ll do whatever it takes when it comes to issues relating to money in business. And he is highly respected outside of this country by Presidents of some nations. Beside the rich political histories of chief Ameachi and Kalu, these two honourable men are being loved by the current President Mohammadu Buhari for their individual worth, courage, ability to suave others easily to their direction, savvied and devoid of the usual cavilliation ascribed to politicians.

CHIEF Ameachi on his part is a gold fish known for his consistency in recruiting soldiers in the Lords political army. Though himself a Minister in Buhari’s cabinet, Ameachi is said to be the brain behind eighty percent or more of those appointed today as ministers and other designations from the South South region into Buhari’s cabinet without making noise about it. Those who know, knows so. And he is still disposable. Even though those he is known to have helped substantially particularly in the South South zone, are greedy and cocky and self opinionated. They hardly help others to expand the frontiers of beneficiaries. Otherwise chief Rotimi Ameachi today would’ve been a house hold name. He makes no pretention of his kindness and generosity. And he does so effortlessly as a man of integrity who shows empathy. And regrets not in the face of ingratitude by those who pay him bad for the many good things he did to them. He has no ego problems. And he is known as one who does not eat alone.

DEMOCRACY which is the pattern of government Nigeria is practicing is a game of numbers not of senseless rantings, insolence or that of frightening people by insinuating the threats of war or a breakup to attain power. In a situation for instance where you do not have the numbers required to lead, democracy in its wisdom still provides for a way-out to such handicapped of people or groups to thrive for equity sake which is what gives democracy its global worth and acceptability. It gives those in the minority room to further national unity and cohesion by their ability to lobby others for them to see the need to come to their support in their quest to lead them. That’s the beauty of democracy.

WHAT this means is that, in democracy they’re ample opportunities for those in the minority in such cases to further explain themselves and what they actually stand for to those in the majority whose support the seek to canvas than to retire to the arms of lamentation over a matter that requires just a handshake across the Niger in the case of Nigeria, done dutifully.

TO put it succinctly; in a democracy, in order to succeed you must first endeavour to be where the blessings of the “Lord through Democratic institutions” will easily reach you or where you can apply yourself to the use of the “powers of lobbying” as the instrument allowed in a democratic settings for the minority groups to break even. And you can only do that when you are where the power resides. And in a this case it resides with the ruling APC which is the party to beat regardless of what others are saying. Talk is cheap!

THE Igbos can fervently apply the use of a handshake across the Niger as they say, with an assurance to accommodate those on the other side without recourse to relics in their persistent hammering on the civil war imbroglios that often throws up sad memories during healthy discussions which are totally unnecessary. Whereas what they need the most (Igbos) now is to rekindle confidence in the minds of other regions especially those presently in power whose fears would be aliased with such assurances placed on the negotiation table to concede to their please without any grain of doubts or contemptuous feelings of betrayal on the part of those who hold sway presently in terms of their numerical strength.

AND these persons may now in their prevalences be compelled to bend over backwards to concede power as a necessary ingredients to foster the required peaceful coexistence the country badly needs. These would become realisable than the much dissipation of energy over the twin issues of marginalization and nepotism. A cry of Woolf’s. Which is an idle man’s ways of scapegoating to take care of their inability to bring to the table, issues that has potentials to bring about change. These would’ve been helpful than the endless agitation of seeking Biafra which has taken away so much innocent lives and so unendingly. This in my humble opinion of all that is needed to seal the deal. I need to be corrected in case I am wrong here.

NIGERIA cannot afford to lose the Igbos if they show sufficient reasons to be trusted by other ethnic groups or nationalities who seems to harbour a similar fear akin to that which the White man of Europe and the Americas erroneously has for the Black folks of Africans descent unfortunately. They will now become their brothers and host so to say in order to achieve a common purpose. And the desire of making Nigeria to flourish as a “one and indivisible” entity. Like one adage impliedly puts it: “When one closes his or her eyes to “existing fault”, they’ll learn the consequences to such foolery through accident”.

LASTLY, don’t you forget that I, Comrade Obi Offiong Ojage is the best choice for the position of National Publicity Secretary of our great party APC, from the South South zone with track record of performance in that field. Doggedly proven with razzmatazz, if the party truly rewards loyalty. And not given to sycophants and lier’s but those with something to show like myself. I didn’t just come. I have been on this lane for years writing to prove myself worthy of acceptance as the right person for the job of National Publicity Secretary. It can’t just be only those from the West or Middle Belttans who should always occupy such positions. We from the South South zone deserve it too. This is why I have come.

AND as one who has sacrificed so much thanklessly, using my time and resources in propagating the party and in defense of President Mohammadu Buhari who is the leader of the party from dissident groups and those sponsored as Jobs-men to smear his hard earned reputation under the guise of opposition. Done for purposes of bringing down the government under his leadership. And I have been consistent in my defense. My works are all there in the public domain as a true party man. Talk is cheap!

“End Time Message!”


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