Hon. Okubo Slams Aide Of Delta Governor Over Evacuation Threat

The former Executive Director, Security in Marine Surveillance, Edo State Hon. Robert Okubo has slammed an aide of the Delta state governor over evacuation threat of indigenous people of the state.

Recalled that the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Delta State Governor on Security Matters, Comrade Ezekiel Daniel, has warned that criminals will not be allowed to operate in Delta and the neigbouring Ijaw communities of Edo State.

Daniel, who was referring to the activities of some people he described as ‘nebulous elements, warned that the group, which term themselves as the Elders Council of Inikorogha in Ovia South West, Edo State, would not be allowed to carry out nefarious activities as they had come under the security watch of both the federal and state security agencies.

The SSA on Security to Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, in a statement made available to newsmen on Saturday, warned that such elements should endeavour to be law abiding, warning that they would not be allowed a breathing space to operate.

According to him, no illegal organisation would be allowed to establish a criminal empire across the riverine communities, as the state and the communities needed peace for development to take place.

He therefore warned leaders of the group, who he identified as Robert Okubo, Derimor Omagbemi, Sam Ebiwana, Andrew Igere, Pepe Okubo, Israel Payabor, Kennth Ojuemi, Lee Benson, Victor Konwel, Ibas, Ebiye Eliton, Endurance/Bright Kalayolos, among others to desist from activities that would set the riverine Ijaw communities of Delta and Edo states on fire.

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However, in a swift reactionn, Hon Okubo lambasted the former aide for his misjudgements and lack of knowledge of the indigenous people of the state

He said “For the very sake of many who are ignorant of the medical history of Daniel Ezekiel, a psychiatric patient who is now SSA to the Governor of Delta State, I write to set the records right. Daniel Ezekiel in his obvious state of dementia called me a criminal.

“It is either a grievous hallucination or debilitating mental illness that made Daniel Ezekiel call a man who has never been convicted by any court, I mean a man who served as the Senior Special Assistant, Surveillance (Water Ways), Senior Special Assistant to the Governor (Security in Marine Surveillance) and Executive Director, Security in Marine Surveillance for more than a decade, a man with no record of criminality, who has fought for justice, fairness and equity. If not for the position of our laws as regards the psychologically unstable, I would have made sure we meet in court.

“Unfortunately, your madness has taken the new dimension of attaching the names of those you hate to horrible crimes that such people know nothing about. Your hysterical outbursts stem from your obvious frustration engendered by your inability to continue with your criminal activities of killings, violence, impersonation and extortion. It beats all reasonable imaginations why a self proclaimed SSA to the governor of Delta State should be arrested in Edo State for intimidation and extortion of helpless women.

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“You are among the worst of humans. You are nothing but hypocrisy personified. Your insatiable desire for ill-gotten wealth and power to oppress the weak is at the root of your mental illness. My instinct tells me that you and your group are the masterminds of all the crimes you listed and consequent upon your mental disorder, you are now confessing to the crimes but still finds it difficult to take full responsibility. I am optimistic that sooner than later you will tell the the truth to the public, which is that; you are the one responsible for all the killings and violence you have accused me of,”

While exonerating himself from all the allegations, he said “The only crime I have committed over the years is fighting against criminals like you who kill at night and visit in the morning as sympathizers, pointing accusing fingers at innocent people in a smart effort to cover up their evil deeds. I, Hon. Robert Okubo must be invisible only to you and your imaginary security agents who you claimed have invited me countless times and I refused to honor their invitations, yet I live in my community and move around freely in all the nooks and crannies of Edo State. You are nothing but a pathetic liar who enjoys the boldness and immunity of madness.

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“I will not continue to join issues with you, a cheap street tout who is apparently mentally deranged. However, I urge you to calm your nerves and get more focused on getting the right psychiatric treatment because as it stands now, nobody takes you or what you say seriously. Those who know you are more concerned about the instability in your psychological disposition. Your malicious accusations against me and few others make no sense to some people. However, if there are people instigating or sponsoring this arrant madness of yours, I would advise such people to look for a person with a credible personality who would say things that are logical to reasonable people,”

He further advised the Mr. Ezekiel to henceforth tarnishing the image of the government and good people of Edo State through crass accusations against a man who has championed the fight against crime in Edo State.

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