How An Old Man, Professor Obioma Iheduru Was Arm Twisted By Emeka Ihedioha To Tell Lies About IMSUBEB

  • Chief Gilbert Mbadiwe, Chairman Imo State REGISTERED IMSUBEB CONTRACTORS UNION.

Professor Obioma Iheduru might not be sleeping well. The peace that accompany old age has left him courtesy of Emeka Ihedioha.

The old man Iheduru is a blatant shameless lier. Iheduru is a common slave to the atrocities committed by the politically vanquished Emeka Ihedioha.

Emeka Ihedioha is not what some people think he is. Ihedioha is a cold blooded political buccaneer who eats, drinks and spits the fire of politics. Ihedioha is a cold blooded dictator.

The so-called contracts awarded by the Imo State Universal Basic Education Board ( IMSUBEB) was a fraudulent misnomer.

The list of beneficiaries of the contracts were written by Ihedioha and submitted to the old man Iheduru to issue baseless award letters without due process.

There was no compliance with procurement laws and due process. All the beneficiaries were PDP apparatchiks. It was a political settlement. It is as simple as that.

There was never a time Iheduru nor his boss Ihedioha called for technical and financial bidding documents to be included. There was no PUBLIC opening of such bidding documents to meet the requirements of the Public Procurement Act or the provisions of the Imo State Bureau of Public Procurement and Price Intelligence ( BPP& PI).

Professor Iheduru is a mere puppet on a string of Emeka Ihedioha. We must pity the old man. He is a prisoner of conscience.

Top members of the Ihedioha cabal sat under the direction of Ihedioha himself to compile names of their political bagmen, girlfriends, family members then issued award letters to them without meeting the basic contracting regulations. Iheduru knows this. May God save the old man from the clutches of evil men.

Immediately after the collapse of the Ihedioha regime, these PDP contract scammers started selling their contract award letters to gullible people at cheap prices. A contract of 25 million naira was sold for as little as 2 million naira. The staff of IMSUBEB were bribed to change names on documents by whatever way and means possible. The staff of IMSUBEB are culprits to this scam.

After selling the worthless award letters to corner cutting buyers, they fled into exile in Abuja.

It is even under Uzodimma in early year 2020 that some buyers of this tissue paper award letters rushed to site to put up skeletal works just to tie the knot around the neck of the Uzodimma administration and demand payment for minimal work claimed to have been done.

Uzodimma is much smarter than these guy’s. They forgot the determination of Uzodimma to enthrone strict observance of due process in all procurement.

We encourage Uzodimma to stand firm. No matter how long it takes to resolve, we encourage the governor to keep his eyes on history. We all know the truth here in Imo State.  Our problem is inability to speak up and damm the consequences.


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