How Does Nnamdi Kanu Generate Funds To Sponsor ESN Without Help From Federal Government?

Nnamdi Kanu ESN

The Eastern Security Network group which has been operating for some time now is gradually gaining world recognition as many Igbo men and youths are massively joining this very eastern security outfit.

The group whose sole aim is to eradicate all fulani herdsmen residing in the whole of South East now seem to be taking over the security activities which are meant for the country’s security operatives.

Apparently, as the days goes by, Eastern Security Network tend to be gaining influence as the group seem to be growing everyday instead of the other way round due to the fact that they are not getting any form of incentives from the Nigerian government.

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However, amidst the operation of Eastern Security Network as an independent security outfit, their seem to be one confusing question which I have been trying to figure out the answer. Here is where my question comes in, we all are aware that the government is against the activities of this very group which was set up by Nnamdi Kanu, and this prevents them from rendering any form of support to the ESN, my question now is;

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How does Nnamdi Kanu generate funds to sponsor the Eastern Security Network group?

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