How Military Destroyed Eastern Security Network Camps In Imo State

By Chinonso Alozie

Hundreds of military operatives
yesterday launched heavy attacks on
the camps of the Eastern Security
Network, ESN, in some parts of the
forest Umunna in Orlu and Orsu local
government areas of Imo state.
Vanguard investigation into the
clashes was revealed that the military
launched the attacks on hearing that
the members of the Eastern Security
Network, ESN, had set up a base in
the forest from where they would
execute their operations.
Insider source who would not want
his name mentioned explained how
the operation started: “The military
first visited the camp of the ESN, in
Umunna in Orlu local government
area and before they get there our
men got the information and
relocated. Not only that they also
visited another camp they did not see
anybody. So the military destroyed
the camps of the ESN. Nobody was
killed in this operation. But our
people are living in fears.

Residents of the affected areas told
Vanguard that the military started
with a show of force.
Another villager who introduced
himself as Chief Thomas Ndudi, gave
his side of the story, “On Tuesday we
saw over 30 trucks of military vehicle
moving in their convoy moving in
and out of Orlu in search of the
members of the Eastern Security
Network, they keep searching for
them throughout Wednesday and on
Thursday they discovered their
camps and they started destroying

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“The first day they even used a
helicopter to hover around the forest
locating the camps of the Eastern
security network.
“The truth is that villages close to the
forest are living in fears as the
sound of guns and bombs have
made them even running inside their
houses and some of them abandoned
their homes out of fear of being hit
by a stray bullet.”

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