I Came From A Poor Home With Sad Stories – Subject


Even though many may envisage the life of a famous artist to be that of a glorified jetsetter, the reality is far from idyllic upcoming artists. Example of such, is a Nigerian upcoming musician by name Austin Sopuluchukwu Obasi Enem also known as Subject. Who in his on words said that he came from a poor family that lives in an old house, that resides in a local town. He further said that he really experienced sad stories in life which he knows that everyone has a story to tell. Just as stories of some of Nigerian top celebrities who were born into poor family and had to struggle to become financially successful, global ventures and public figures, is our dear upcoming musician Subject Sopuluchukwu is also hustling not to be impressed or to be in any competition with anyone he rightly said. Out of passion he decided to pursue a career in music and when he was asked why music, he said: “I found out I was gifted in it so I had to explore it, I just wanna change the whole story, music I do, I am music, music my life, Subject my name”.

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