I Revealed Olamide Helped Majek Fashek Under Pressure – Manager

Ailing legendary singer, Majek Fashek’s manager, Omenka Uzoma-Day, has revealed why he mentioned singer, Olamide as the only artiste that helped out in Majek’s medical treatment. SleekGists

Days ago, Uzoma-Day revealed that rapper, Olamide was the only artiste that supported the the ailing musician financially when he was battling with his health issues in the UK.

Uzoma-Day told Sunday Scoop,why he made the revelation. According to him, he was put under pressure to make the revelation as some people felt he got a lot of money from wealthy businessman, Femi Otedola and that he had diverted the money to his personal use, so he was forced to reveal the truth.

He said, “Olamide actually helped out over six months ago and I honestly feel guilty for mentioning his name because he told me not to. However, what I said was not bad. Olamide really showed love. I didn’t even expect it from him. I didn’t want to say it but my spirit was not at peace. He helped out at a time of tribulation.

“Some people felt Femi Otedola gave me a lot of money but everything he gave was paid directly to the hospital. A single penny didn’t pass through my hands.

“After it became public knowledge that Otedola had offered assistance, some people came out of the woodworks to harass me, asking for Majek’s money and properties.

“There was even a time I registered Majek for a health insurance scheme in the United Kingdom but nobody came to identify with us then. I did my best for Majek but I am not a millionaire.”

He however stated that he hadn’t had any discussion with Olamide after he made the revelation during a radio interview.

He stated, “We have not spoken. I will speak to him at a convenient time and he would understand why I did what I did. I’m the one wearing the shoe so I know where it pinches. As a matter of fact, St. Nicholas Hospital just called me to pay the balance for Majek’s treatment because he was there at some point. People should pray not to be sick because it is a bad thing because if one is sick, one would spend a lot of money looking for a cure. Even if you have hundreds of millions, you wouldn’t know when the money would be used to pay bills.”

On Majek’s health status,presently, the singer’s manager said, “He is doing better now. He is out of the hospital but he is still undergoing therapy somewhere else in New York. He can walk, talk and respond to people. He is also moving around.

His son, Randy, is with him at the moment and he is doing a great job. I am here in Nigeria to make some arrangements and concentrate on other things but Randy gives me constant updates.

“Meanwhile, I want to use this medium to thank the media, especially PUNCH Newspapers, and fans all over the world for their support. They were so wonderful. Very soon, Majek would be able to speak with his fans.”

Uzoma-Day also implored radio and television stations around the world to play Majek’s songs on his birthday, coming up on March 7.

He added, “Majek is loved by many Nigerian artistes. They see him as a father figure and legend. So, I request that media outlets all over the world should play his music across their platforms. Those that can should also dress like him. All this is to make sure that we celebrate him while he is alive. I also appeal to the Lagos State government to give him a house. Majek shouldn’t have to be staying in hotels or paying rent whenever he is in Lagos.

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