I Say Yes to Education: Exclusive Interview with ‘Ada Education’

Beginning from the birth of this great nation, some Nigerians have chosen to be exceptional, bearing her great creed. They have planted their names in the hall or fame, advancing the course of the nation and leaving an undeniable legacy in the lives of Nigerians and the world at large.

Join me as I take you on a journey with Hon. Princess Bibiana Nwankwo (Ada APGA) to the land of Possibilities and Actualization of a blessed Nation.

Question: Can we meet you
Answer: My name is Hon Princess Bibiana Nwankwo (Ada APGA)

Question: (Ada APGA)?
How did you come about the name?
Answer: Am a full blown nwafor lgbo (Full lgbo breed and APGA  my party  represents everything igbo so being Adaeze which means Daughter of a king l decided to take the title Ada APGA meaning daughter of APGA.  APGA is my party, my pride.
Ada APGA is my title

Question: Saw some of your works online in service to the Nation and humanity, when did it all started?
Answer: 2014 in Anambra since 2008 in Lagos

Question: So ma, can you tell us more about your organization and the services you render ?
Answer: It’s not an Ngo per say just my pet project. Which was born out of my love  to educate especially the young wards which if not put in the right direction will grow to become a burden to the society

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We offer secondary school students in senior class; Lectures on choice of career, leadership skills, environmental tips etc
After which we give scholarship to 5 to 20 students depending for their WAEC fees. It’s done by ballot

Question: In compliance to the SDG No. 4 which is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life long learning opportunities for all
How have your project being able to assist this goal?
Answer: Books, bags, flasks etc are given to all the students that participated and their teacher as well
We have been able to help so many students get their  basic certificate, which is WAEC and have helped some others through university

Question: How many states or Geo political zones have you been able to cover?
Answer: Just two for now. Like l said earlier its my own quota in the development of my country to help breed a crime free  country , free from school dropout prostitution, robbery etc
. I’ve spoken to some well meaning Nigerian to  support and when they do will take the program to the 36 states in Nigeria including F CT.

It gives me joy to impact on people positively

Question: When telling us about the objectives of your pet project , you made mention of only educating the young wards.

Are your programs and projects restricted only to this course?
Answer: Of course not
Am planning a seminar soon for everyone

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Question: Ok

So can we know some other areas you have been facing or you wish to handle?
Answer: Am an advocate on mother and  child
I also wish to have a place for the aged

Advocating against abuses, gender inequality, poverty for women and illiteracy.

Question:So thus far, how has it been for you to achieve this great feat and record a certain level of success ?
Answer: My strong will and persistence. I’ve gotten money from two persons since l started this project . What l do is save up and do my program

Question: Also , what are the various challenges you are facing as regards to productivity and effectiveness?
Answer: Finances
I want everyone to be good. My happiness comes from others

Question: What are your recent programs and projects?

And when next should we expect to hear from you !

Answer: November last year. Am due to have done another; on 9th that’s Monday but it won’t hold.

Question: Where do you want to be in the next 10 years ?
Simply put, the goals and plans for the future?
Answer: I want to be known all over the world as someone who is Always there for everyone, l want to be the best in advocacy with plenty of money for everyone.

Question: What is your advice to the Nigerian youths? And every other young aspiring Advocates?
Answer: Be focused, determined and always have in mind that Advocacy is a  charity work. Put money away and don’t wait to be appreciated.

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Question: What’s the name of your pet project again ?
Answer: Young mind advancement program
Theme – catch them young.
Motto – – Basic education and knowledge for all

Can’t wait to be with my students.

A lot of them are already calling and crying. I stayed up last night thinking of them.
That’s my ministry, my cross  It’s well

It has really been a nice time with you
Initially was meant to do my job and get out
But it seems I have been bought with your passion

Interviewee: Bless you and thanks for having me

Through her her platform YAP, Princess Bibiana Nwankwo (Ada APGA) has brought smiles on many faces, Hope to the hopeless and unending joy to a countless number of Nigerian children.
Keep up the good work Ada APGA!

If we can join her, I think our nation will be a better place. Let’s not all think ln only what we can get from our country, let’s also think on what we can give to her; affecting mankind positively the little way we can.

God bless Nigeria!

By Joshua Nicholas

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