I See Biafra, As The last Miracle On Earth

The emergence of the sovereign state of Biafra shall  be the last miracle to happen on this  earth. I Know some people might not believe this, but it is a gospel and transparent  truth.  It might also sound strange to the ears of those who are weak in spirit but the truth remains that after all said and done, this great nation must surely emerged. And the emergence of this great nation which is going to be the last miracle man shall witness on earth shall librate many from bondage and slavery.  And through the emergence of this great nation, the entire African nation shall be set free. Other countries of the world shall also benefit from Biafra when restored because Biafra as a God’s own nation  has all it takes to make many nation’s great and also put food on their tables as well.

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the great prophet of our time has categorically said  it that this great nation called Biafra shall be the last miracle to take place on this planet earth and it is as clear as Cristal. Many may be doubting this in their minds saying that ‘ what late Ojukwu can not be able to get as mighty as he is,  is it this small boy called Kanu that can achieve it. The truth there remains that God has mandate in his own project and when it is time for Him to perfect that, He goes ahead to do it irrespective of whom he is using at that particular point in time to achieve that. And as it stands, have it at the back of your minds that in our own time Biafra must be achieved through the watchful eyes of Nnamdi Kanu the great leader of our time and there is nothing anybody can do about that.  Remember he said and I quote “BEFORE WE CAME, THERE IS NOBODY LIKE US, AND AFTER WE GO, THERE SHALL BE NONE LIKE US ALSO”.

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Many nations of the world are afraid of the coming of this great nation because they know that when Biafra finally emerged, it shall suppass and overtake some nations of the world that has ever been  in terms of economy and other things that the eyes can behold. Biafra when restored shall also compete with the world powers and shall win them because of it’s supreme power direct from God. Therefore, it has been ordained by the most high himself that Biafra shall emerge as a world power some years after it’s restoration and no power can stop that. Again, the emergence of Biafra shall totally eradicate poverty,  unemployment, hunger, marginalisation, humiliation, intimidation and shall also put smiles again on our individual and collective  faces.

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It doesn’t matter how long it may or has taken , but the great news remains that in our own time, Biafra shall be restored and that time is now. Therefore if you are still having this doubt in your mind that it is impossible to restore Biafra since others has tried and failed, you are still backward and also weak in spirit, Biafra is already here. with us but it is only those that are in spirit that can behold it. And my last word I am dropping  to you is that “One day, you will sleep in Nigeria and wake up in Biafra” and the impossibility has become possible!. And that shall be the last miracle man shall witness as far as the earth is concerned. Lastly, we are not actualizing Biafra, rather we are restoring it because Biafra has been in existence for over five thousand years before Nigeria even come to be.

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