I won’t quit, says Lebanese president, Michel Aoun

Lebanese President Michel Aoun yesterday said he would continue to assume his responsibilities until the end of his tenure.

Aoun was reacting to remarks by some Lebanese on social media and TV outlets that he should resign to pave the way for parliamentary elections and the appointment of a new president.

The critics also argued that his resignation would lead to  the formation of a cabinet capable of undertaking reforms amid the financial collapse in the country.

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But Aoun said in a  statement by the Presidency that he was determined to start rebuilding Lebanon, to be continued later with the new president.

“No one will shake my position or my willingness to finish what I have started,” he boasted,  hoping that those who immigrated in light of the crisis would return to the country when the situation improves.

Aoun also said: “We hope to rein in the current crisis through forming a new government in the next few days, despite efforts by some to obstruct this formation.”

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Lebanon recently witnessed a fuel tank explosion, which killed over 28 people and left  79 injured.

The incident sparked anger among citizens on the failure of authorities to tackle the country’s several crises, including the lack of medicines, fuel, and other basic commodities.

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