I Would Never Believe In Prophet Mohammed, I Will Follow Christ Only Or Choose Death – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri is a diversified human being who believes in practising Christianity starting from its root. He has been preaching what he has from all his Christianity voyage in countries like Israel, Egypt and Ethiopia. Reno is one man who doesn’t shy away from expressing himself concerning issues affecting Nigeria and the world at large. He is one of the major critic of the Buhari APC led governement and a major convener of #FreeLeahShaibu movement. One interesting thing about this man called Reno is his intriguing knowledge about Islam and the Quaran. He knows so much about Islam even more than some practising Muslims. That’s how smart this man called Reno Omokri can be.

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Due to how Reno has been sharing what he knows about Islam and the Quaran. Many Muslims have decided to follow him on many of his social media platforms. One of such Muslim is Sani Hamid Kwairanga who pleaded with Reno to convert to Islam advocating that Islam is the best religion that seeks God truly.

Below is what Sani said to Reno:

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