Ikechukwu Okoronkwo Asks President Buhari To Sack Health And Education Ministers

Ikechukwu Okoronkwo Asks President Buhari To Sack Health And Education Ministers

Mazi Ikechukwu Okoronkwo is calling on President Buhari GCFR to consider the unnecessary hardship caused by inadequate actions/ advises from His Ministers and ask them to step aside/resign from thier Position.

(A) Health Ministers
and Education Ministers.

Whom are using Mr President administrative Fiat to advise Presidential Task Force Committee ( that amount to misrepresent the facts) as a committee

That Triggered The PTF recommendation to Mr President Hence Nation wide Lockdown.

It was those Ministers presentation and unbalanced advises that put Nigerians to panic over COVID 19.

Which contributed to the clash between Law enforcement Agencies and the Public that resulted to unnecessary Death in some quarters.

Their advises created forum that amount to lost of concentration in handling 2020 Agricultural Farming Season.

Their advise also created tension that diverted the Government attention in the area of not provision of lasting solutions to Herdsmen/ Farmers problem.

Their above Actions have led to unnecessary mini Genocide as experience since this Lockdown.

Thier Action led to Closure of Educational institution.without considering that Nigeria is a developing Country and should not be Compare to other developed countries in terms of Educational response.

Had it been that NCDC/Health Ministers/ Education Ministers were sure of what they are dealing with, the true fact about COVID19 pandemic, couldn’t have placed Nigeria Public where we are today.

Wherein those misrepresentation did created forum wherein Nigeria were forced to borrow to save our economy.

Wherein this COVID19 pandemic era should have been the greatest Nigeria opportunity for Nigeria to exhibit the advantages of our Cultural heritage and benefits of Nigeria diverse Ethnicity/Climate/Foods/Local plants among others

Rather Health Ministers and Education Ministers ignored all of the above advantage s and turned around to project Covid19 pandemic against Nigeria Constitution as amended toward Freedom and independent.

(I) Nigeria Constitution provision over (1)Freedom of Worship.
(2) Freedom of Association
(3) Freedom of Movement.
(4) Compulsory Education
(5) Independent of State and LGA
(6) Liberty
(7) (” Health and Physical Education” Sports activities as Fundamental Right of every Citizen (UN)
among Others.

In this circumstance it is required that those Ministers step aside to allow those that can deliver dividends of Democracy to man those sensitive Position.

It is glaring that Nigeria have different tribes.

The above have generated an advantage to different local plants that is antidote to COVID19.

All those Cultural heritage was neglected .

Nigeria is now battling with management of our economy as the result of wrong strategy to handle COVID 19.

Mr President can also reassign those Ministers to another Ministry as deem fit.

Question that arises in Nigerians mind are. Supposing there are element of Corruption against PTF. since that Efcc top officials are under probe.which agencies will have the capacity to probe the PTF,

We put Nigeria in the hands of God

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