Ilesa APC: The Sublime, The Ridiculous

By: Isaac Olusesi

…Oyetola’s private sector perspective

There are indications that the two seemingly divergent politicos, politicians of the Ilesa All Progressives Congress (APC), State of Osun may have been broken down; the duo have now keyed, reinvigorated, into the formidable projects of APC this now- to strengthen the party and reposition it ahead of the congresses to hold any time soon, and to win the next governorship poll, other elections in the state.

Except, the groupings, accessories after the two party gladiators, have bags full of incendiary intrigues to want to continue scheming the embers of hiatus, differences, in their own imagination, to stoke deadlock or impasse within the Ilesa APC politics. Ho,ho! The ridiculous!

The somewhat personality crevice, split between Hon. Adewale Adedoyin, representing Ilesa West Constituency in the State Parliament and Engr Remi Omowaye, state Hon. Commissioner for Works was a product of mutual suspicions, needless, in the first instance, findings revealed.

The breach, rift between the two leaders gathered calculative as the incessant campaigns of calumny, defamation, an odd admixture of coercion and persuasion got quickly juxtaposed with brutal rigidity and flexible brutality, sorts of tricky conspiracy, and the party’s less than cursory leaders, made to pull down the fence of the Ilesa APC unity while the party followers, prickled, pinned down to either side of the fence in the dire strait of a dilemma.

The cleft or rift itself, a dangerous sabotage of the unification and winning propensity of the party in the axis, frankly, not a farce masked, or an hidden farcical.

The Ilesa APC apex leadership, under Chief Kunle Odeyemi, Rt. Hon. Timothy Owoeye and Hon. Israel Jibola Famurewa rather deployed the quandary, rift as a strategic retreat that took stock of cooperation, progress, crisis and security within the party, their ramifications and implications; and the Adedoyin-Omowaye submissions from the ‘witness box’ of the moment of truth, made germane, pivotal to reconciliation and harmony.

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And in the final analysis, much more stronger ties of solidarity, unanimity and concurrence were built, revitalized and Ilesa APC came out recovered and stronger than ever before, with the two key allies, no longer cross horned, and not lost to any irredeemable breakup.

The fracture, rift ended reportedly under the Odeyemi, Owoeye and Famurewa ingenuity and influence, findings by the writer on invitation this week Monday, further revealed. Neither Adedoyin nor Omowaye professed, announced to re-attempt to over stretch the elasticity of Ilesa APC as no one of the duo at truce meetings grasped for breadth, pummeled with any blows by the other. And no one averred or avowed to set any barricade to cripple the other, or fabricate any ambush to crackdown the other.

Worthwhile, reportedly, not Adedoyin, not Omowaye any further at war or tussle to walk the other into the lion’s den in the name of post, position, power, influence or superfluous suspicions.

“All is well with Ilesa APC,” Odeyemi gallantly declared on phone, asserting that the winning borders for the party in the axis, now re-expanded, with tension within the party ceased from rebuilding; and intra-party relationships, no longer antipodean, polarized as there is no more anger, hanging in the air between any two or more leaders or members of the party like an invisible dagger to witch-hunt or hit back at one another. That’s the sublime, the Odeyemi-Owoeye- Famurewa high quality rewarding intervention, still courting great admiration from all and sundry.

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Odeyemi is a former state party treasurer, party chieftain and member of the party Elders in the state; Owoeye, longest serving lawmaker is the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the state legislature; and Famurewa erstwhile federal parliamentarian, now the Executive Chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB.

And the heir apparent to the state Governor Gboyega Oyetola, the Ilesa APC leaders affirmed, pledged to continue their struggles to “recover, rebuild and reposition APC” in Ijesaland put together. They sternly warned groupings, caucuses against hurling any mud on anyone as such mud will not be allowed to stick. It is also mapped out in no uncertain terms that no one should ridicule, deride or be ridiculed, taunted; and no one should have any mordant, critical and unkind news aired or published, printed offline, online to cause any web of division or upturn the party’s emotional equilibrium.

True! Everyone in Ilesa APC has ceased bellowing; no more blows of caustics, no statements launched closer to vulgar abuse to disrupt the party’s emotional equipoise, according to findings.

Odeyemi, on phone, spoke on the APC congresses at threshold, describing them as best. He said, congresses across political parties in a democracy afford party delegates, discussions on party issues and questions, with the delegates to such congresses globally, having constitutional latitude to impeach and replace or affirm and retain party executives for approved length of time to improve on the operation performance and survival of the party. According to him, the lack of congresses may be debilitating to internal democracy, causing also larger democracy to decline.

He lambasted, lampooned those emphasizing polarity between Governor Oyetola and his predecessor in office, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Hon. Minister for Interior Affairs, saying, any perceived untoward relationship between the two does not fall within the divergence of political attitudes to ideological extremes. The worldview of the duo is rather defined more strictly by their common identification with the progressive, liberal stance of the party they both belong. Odeyemi then cautioned, “there is nothing like the Oyetola-Aregbesola polarity; polarization if any, exists only in the blurred vision of the follower, quote me.”

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Odeyemi who has his background in the private sector before joining politics decades ago, says, the Oyetola pedigree also in the private sector is responsible for his sterling, steel performances in government and governance of Osun. The private sector, the part of the nation’s economy, owned, managed and controlled by individuals and companies for profits is financed by private money from shareholders.

And for Oyetola, the private sector’s ”private money from shareholders,’’ in the Osun context, is the hard earned revenue, income generated from the Osun governed, the shareholders under his watch, self-instructively. The Osun shareholders revenue, income here is the superlative anchorage for the pervading developmental policies, programmes and projects in Osun that ensures the state strives; and the profits, meaning, the benefits reach all sectors of Osun. And Oyetola commands accolades or encomiums for his private sector perspective, the engine of growth and development of Osun.

In reciprocal relations, the benefits, the profits maximally speak to the imperative of Oyetola continuing in office beyond 2023.

OLUSESI is Assistant Director, Directorate of Publicity Research & Strategy, State of Osun**

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