Illegal Migration Into S-East: 1:4:2 2:4:4 And 3:4:6

Ndi-Igbo United Forum (NUF), a sociopolitical organization committed to Igbo Unity, Igbo Welfare and Igbo Interest wishes to further alert the government at all levels, security agencies and general public on emerging security threats in Southeast and our resolve to contain it. We state as follows:

  1. That on 27th April, 2020 and 30th April 2020 through two separate Press Releases we urged Governors Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State, Willie Obiano of Anambra State and Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State to tighten their borders to curtail illegal movements of persons and corpses from Northern Nigeria and Lagos into southeast based on credible information from concerned Nigerians. We gladly wish to commend Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi for heeding to our call by promptly reinforcing surveillance and patrol at the borders to the extent of personally leading operations up till the early hours of today, Monday 11th May, 2020. We urge other State Executives in Igboland to rise up to this all time challenge by protecting and preserving her people and identity.
  2. On our 30th April 2020 Press Release, NUF through intelligence specifically mentioned Dangote Trucks as settled willing and dedicated tool positioned to ferry the dislodged Almajiris and herdsmen into Southeast. Today, we are witnesses to the multiple arrests of some of these aforementioned persons at various borders especially the arrests by Homeland Security Unit of ABIA State among others.
  3. We can also authoritatively confirm that not all the criminal and compromised Dangote trucks that packed human beings like cements and other disgruntled couriers were apprehended as thousands of the Almajiris and herdsmen are already with their kiths and kin in different Northern settlements in Southeast. The videos, pictures and news reports by various news Media on these violation of Federal and States orders are in public domain. The recent anger expressed by Dr Muhammed Junaid calling for arrest and prosecution of security men at borders where these illegal movements took place lend credence to the above. NUF saw these long before occurrence and raised the red flag.
  4. In view of the above coupled with avalanche of calls and expressed anxiety beyond transmission of the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic, is the possibility of attacks by these elements that sneaked into Southeast at dawn.
  5. Further to the aforementioned, we:

a. Call on the Southeast governors to arrest and prosecute security agents on duty at any border that allowed access to these violators and human traffickers;

b. Advise NDIGBO resident in Southeast to be extra vigilant and promptly report suspected movement of person or persons to nearest security agencies or call 09099999632 or send mail to for prompt actions.

c. We hereby warn the travel ban violators (Almajiris/herdsmen) and their hosts on ground never to ever try anything funny or any form of criminal activities like killing, rape, kidnapping, extortion etc. We can assure you that henceforth, we shall promptly retaliate without hesitation any attack on us in our territory. For every life taken will be repaid in double fold without hesitation. Everyone should consider this warning as first and last. Whoever that’s in Southeast to foment trouble and commit crimes should leave NOW irrespective of geographical attachment.(please efforts should be made to interpret this Press Release in a language they will understand and pass it across to them).

d. Southeast Governors should deploy local securities with selected conventional security and health officials to comb these settlements for compulsory testing for COVID-19 and gather credible information on infiltrators (within the lockdown period) with a view to exporting them back to their respective States of origin.

Finally, we shall no longer tolerate breach of peace perpetuated by herdsmen in the Southeast Region. All other criminal activities including those carried out by Igbos can no longer be condoned. Same measure of treatment will be meted out to whoever that desecrate our land . We must salvage, cleanse and move our Igbo Nation forward.

Long Live Nigeria!
Long Live Ndigbo
Long Live NUF

Hon Chuks Nneji
National Publicity Secretary.

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