Imbecilic, tragic, unnecessary – Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair slams Joe Biden’s decision to leave Afghanistan

Joe Biden

Former UK prime minister, Tony Blair has blasted US president, Joe Biden’s ‘imbecilic’ decision to leave Afghanistan.
According to Tony Blair the US’ military exit was not in the West or Afghanistan’s interest.

Blair who took the UK to war in the country 20 years ago, called the pull out ‘tragic, dangerous and unnecessary’, adding that the move had ‘every Jihadist group round the world cheering’.

In a 2,700 word article on the threat of ‘radical Islam’, Blair said there will be a reversal of gains made during the occupation, with the Taliban reasserting itself across most of the country in recent days.

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As the clock runs down on the August 31 deadline, he said Britain has a ‘moral obligation’ to stay until ‘all those who need to be are evacuated’.

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