Imo Rescue Mission: Okorocha’s Philosophy That Put Imo State In A Political, Economic Quaqmire

Alas! Before 2011, Imo state recorded a high profile success in quality administration and governance. Every sector of the economy was very functional. Ministries, department and agencies (MDA’S) were exceedingly performing in their relative duties and responsibilities which in turn aided government businesses, thereby promoted efficiency and effectiveness.

Public and private partnership grew exceedingly and geometrically. Civil service became so attractive that people were willing to work.

Unfortunately, the emergence of owelle Rochas Okorocha and his rescue mission project buried the effective system of governance already in place before his arrival. The moment he arrived, he launched the rescue mission philosophy which he boasted that through it Imo will be great again. Therefore, everything that has to do with administration and governance in Imo was rooted to rescue mission. He wiped out all the existing structures that could have assisted him develop a quality blueprint.

Sadly, Okorocha’s administration breeds evil activities in governance and these activities destroyed the Imo of our dream. The rescue mission instead of propagating developmental strides, sowed seeds of; familiocracy, homosexualism, 30% salary deductions, redundant house of Assembly, controversial free education, poor infrastructural development, total negligence of pensioners, contract scam, massacre of due process, abortion of quality governance and above all decimated experience and exposure in all his appointments. These factors acted together to bring the abrupt end of Okorocha and his rescue mission.

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The era in review (2011 – 2019), witnessed and promoted all forms of moral, social, political and economic decadence. The system became so polluted to an extent that, ravaging it beyond repair. One has to understand a system that housed familiocracy, homosexualism, controversial free education etc. Okorocha was recorded in history as the only man who claimed to be running a free education system from primary to tertiary without a document, no office, no proposal or bill to house of Assembly. In other states around our borders where I have witnessed things like bursary to students. There is always a board charged with the responsibility of managing the bursary programmes. But in the case of Imo, the past administration ran a free tuition fee from primary to tertiary without saying this is the ministry or board charged with this programme. The moment Okorocha’s administration expires, the free tuition system dies in his pocket. No one can lay hand on any documents to say, this is for this or that.

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But today, with the emergence of rebuild Imo philosophy of His Excellency Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, Imo is wearing a new look. All those areas neglected by Okorocha are gradually regaining their place in the society. The present administration in the state ably led by governor Emeka Ihedioha within a short period of less than seven months have revived the house of Assembly in their legislative functions, due process is back, procurement that went galga has bounced back, free tuition is been organized, no more contract scam, pensioners now receives whatever that is due for them monthly, quality governance enthroned, individuals selected and screened before appointment – fixing the job to the man, by so doing error is reduced etc.

In this shortest period of time Imo has been rated as the leading and most growing economy in Nigeria. This is made possible after a wholistic survey of the rebuild Imo blueprint which the present administration has rolled out for It’s administration.

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Few days ago I read the poor documented work of one Jones FCC Onwuasoanya where he claimed that it was Okorocha’s legacies that placed Imo on the leads of economic growth and development. That comment by Jones indicates that both Okorocha and Jones are doomed with illusion. How could Okorocha’s rescue mission that has no vision and mission statements turn overnight and placed Imo on a high profile economic growth and development.

Okorocha and his allies are jittering, because a man who understand governance has landed. Instead of hiding their faces in shame, they decided to use the poor Jones to see how he could save them from further humiliation and mockery.

Okorocha! Ihedioha is not your equal in quality administration. Stop disgracing yourself through Jones. Keep quiet and be on the watch as the governor is educating you and your allies what administration and governance stand for.

By Jimogu, S. C, MNPA

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