IPOB Activists Emmanuel Chigbo and Emenike Regains Freedom

In less than one week, IPOB have recorded magnimous success, as Two IPOB activists Emmanuel Chigbo and Uchenna Emenike who were abducted by the Nigeria murderous DSS agents in their Enugu residence, regains freedom.

Its obvious the Nigeria Government officials are yet to understand, that The Indigenous People Of Biafra are ardently Consistent in the Biafra Ideology, hence baseless abductions has zero effect towards this ordrained quest.

The continuous abductions of IPOB activists and lenthy detention without arraignment in a competent Court of Law, have been the mischievous routine actions of Nigeria Government and IPOB legal team will ardently apply every legal proceedings to stop this gross violations of human rights, pepetuated by the Buhari led Government.

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