Is Referendum Really The Solution To Nigeria’s Current Challenges?

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For some days now, the social media platform, Twitter has been buzzing with the hash tags #BiafraExit and #OduduwaExit. This rising call for the exit of the Biafra and Oduduwa nations from Nigeria is no doubt, as a result of the dissatisfaction of many with the current situation of things in the country, particularly in terms of security and opportunities. But looking at what is really happening in the country, we may begin to wonder if referendum as many of the agitators have been proposing, is really the solution to Nigeria’s problem.

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Although referendum is adopted to allow the people decide on either to remain in a union or exit, but the question in the case of Nigeria is, can referendum solve the problem of Nigeria? It is no doubt that many of those calling for referendum are southerners, while majority of the North prefers a one Nigeria. Therefore, having a referendum could as well end up like Nigerian elections where the Northern candidates oftentimes emerge victorious. With this in mind, one can say that referendum may not be able to solve the nation’s problem as it could produce a result that will not go well with those calling for the disintegration of Nigeria.

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Considering the fact that a referendum requires a larger number of the population to vote in support of BiafraExit or OduduwaExit before it can come to pass, and how some particularly, those that benefit from the current system would want to ensure that the country remains as one, it can be argued that referendum may not really be the solution to the nation’s current problems. Instead, different groups in the country should come together, and critically discuss in details, the way forward in this country. If this can be done, and the resolutions implemented without fear or favour, Nigeria will be a better place to be.

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