Is The Devil On Vacation In Anambara State ?

Is The Devil On Vacation In Anambara State ?

By Mazi Odera Igbo

.. The horrors in tit bits by SAGG

Even as Dibia Onu Ike that is very concern on how he conducts his divinity duties, because the octave of his Voice is menacing , but in a time like this when things Tore apart, even the Middle developed a Hole, so every right and wrong thinking Human knew that the center no longer holds.

I come this morning, so we can look at the Chronicles of the Devils Diary in the state, and perhaps we can choose to call on God to intervene or we openly without the camouflage dedicate some Rams to soothe Devil, but if you ask me, we should start doing something while we can, after all it is effort in pure stupidity to cry after the head has been severed from the Neck with a Blunt Meat Cleaver.

When I knew that the Devil in Anambara wears Prada is when She has the guts to take over our Government House, so sad that She may have being manifesting badly that the Governor finds the place a Strange, that he never set his foot on that place, talk less of using it as Office or even meeting or melting point.

Then the Devil as we speak waited for the Bishops or other clergies to rose up and make Holy Declarations, but when She found out that instead of Holy nuances, the Bishops are more interested in Political Declaration and majority of them pledged allegiance to the Governor and not on God, then she decided that nothing is a threat to her, and she manifested without Fear or concern, that was When She drove the Governor out of Amaobia Governors Lodge into his Home Country in his Ancestral home, and many atimes before the intervention of COVID, he Share same(His running away from Lodge) with our state Liason in Houston, which I find no fault with, but my concern now is.. How She(She in this respect is because Devil is a woman in my own imagination) has pushed our Governor to activate the ONUICHA Lodge, either the demon has taking over his Ancestral home and the place need deep excorsim or he finds solace in ONUICHA and it becomes our New Capital with worst Roads in South East.

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Not that there are limited Roads or Paths, but the Roads are Pot Holed, some like obtained in every Nook and Crany of the state, such as you dare drive through Adazi toward Ichida heading to OKA ETITI, and it was in Rainy season, between Ichida to OKA ETITI has a designated Unmotorable Kilometers of Road that only Flying Boat or Tractor can manouver that stretch piece of Road.
Moving down through OKA ETITI toward UMUANUKA in NNEWI has been marked Official NO GO AREA whenever it is Rainy season.

Same can be said of the Over 80% of Roads in Anambara Central and South, and the hopes of communities in suburbs of South as they have more Abandoned Communities or say Isolated towns than Central, that GLO and radiates.

As you can see I simply refused to discuss Disasters that was once Roads in the Northern part because they are related to the Governor and they are enjoy retinue of SA and if they are not down and done with the grade of the Road, they should speak IGALA for all I care.. But moving on.

The Prada wearing Devil that bedrivelled the state, suddenly at the incursion of COVID, another Menace that we can’t manage but which turned a serious IGR to Policemen on the Roads and streets of the state, once they saw one especially in a Bus or Commercial Cars without Face mask, the only language that sets the person free is paying Ransom of 1K.

All the above is not scaring me much more like the Deaths that has descended in the state, most of our great Men are gone, either for lack of Medical attention which they usually gets overseas at Bi monthly intervention, which by act of providence the Benevolent God that cracks Kernel for the Poor resolved to punish Nigerians by making the World to shut off thier Air Space, so the leaders will build us even Sub standard Hospital for the poor and Standard for the Rich, but as we know that they are dumb, they refused to even upgrade the abandoned disasters we have in place of Health Center, so when Devil with Her Prada comes with sickness, there won’t be escape route for the Rich, the poor has developed Divine Immunity from lack of Government care, so he body resistance has grown to make the system of the poor strong.

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So many wealthy ones are dying especially in Anambara our state, the ones who are supposed to build us a befitting Hospitals are more interested in building underground tunnels that will lead them into UGU OKA as Governor, my heart bleed when “It is not Broken” chattered Private Plane back home from Oversea.

He came back not to plan on how to complete or equip part of the Abandoned Memorial Hospital that he abandoned for the last 12 Years or kwanu take out a part of it, dust it up and provide a Modern healing Center for his Town and environs, which will be a Political plus as one who steps into GAP to provide solution, but he never did that, and atimes I wonder who advises this people?

Which also takes me to UMUCHUKWU the home town of Dr Maduka the most talented Pain Doctor in VEGAS, he should step up now and make use of… even it is the ground Floor of his 17 Story Edifice, just dust up some floors, make it usable and set up a great Hospital that will announce his Health Care, that also will bench his contemporary on the race to UGU OKA, but seems that is not among his plans for the electorate.

Can we then talk about the Prada wearing Demon that has interfered with chieftancy matters in the state,. It gets absurd that a Town on her own will elect a King, but once the King is not an APGA CARD CARRYING member, the State through the Chieftancy affairs commission will deny the person power of office or recognition, though it stop weaker towns, but I don’t think Obi of ONUICHA is with any of those Government certification and he presides over the affairs of his own.

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Same with PG, if they elect a PG and he is not an APGA member, be rest assured that you can’t and won’t get sworn inn, if you doubt it ask the elected PG of IGBAKWU who lost his swear inn because he changed Political leaning…Moving on..

4 Young Youths have lost thier lives within 2 months all in OKOH polytechnic as result of thier membership of Cultism and the state moves on.

It makes me to wonder why is it that South always produce HEADACHES of the state?

Land disputes has taking an evil detour, as many towns are drawing bloods of the innocent and those that are not doing that brought predators to occupy the land, not knowing that the danger of giving a Monkey Glass Cup to drink water is how to retrieve the Cup after drinking the water as the Monkey will hop off the branch and into the Wild.

Even the Government appointees are not spared by the Prada wearing Demon as some are dying for unexplained reasons, some simply Jump off balconies in Spiritual or mystical worries.

The main prose now should be, where do we go from here?..

Should we fold our arms and allow the desecration and ruination of the land called Light of the Nation or shall we call God in different tents, churches and belief, perhaps he will hear us and grant us a respite or shall be fold in Sin with hope that Grace will Abound?..

The Choice is ours as I am off but on as Last Born Mpa Nnukwu.
This is Mkpisi Ndi Egede, A Jerusalem Pilgrim known as Mazi Odera POg JP.

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