It Is No Longer Conjectural, Nigeria Is At War

It is no longer conjectural, Nigeria is at war. In July 2019 alone, some 282 of our citizens were gunned down or violently killed. 

If they are not killed by marauding herdsmen, bandits and kidnappers, they are killed by security agents. (revolution) protesters at the national stadium the venue of the protest in Lagos,

The nation is no longer at ease. No one is abstracted from the on-going carnage. In July, the largest casualties were from the homestead of the president in Katsina: 80 persons were reportedly kllled there in July, with Borno coming a close second with 75 dead,

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Foreign governments are warning their citizens that Nigeria is now a no-go country. Those who want to do business in Anglophone West Africa now seek refuge in Ghana as opposed to Nigeria. Omoyele Sowore is one of those Nigerian idealists tired of watching the country go to the dogs from the sideline,

He decided to jump into the fray. He registered a political party and contested for the presidency. But he, and others like him were shut out by what has turned out to be disputed election. So he opted for another gambit,

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He called for a revolution and fixed a date. He asked Nigerians to come out in numbers to demand a change in the status quo. But he was either unserious or just plain naiive. You don’t invite people to a revolution. You don’t schedule a revolution on television and on social media,

The powers-that-be will not siddon look. On the eve of his “revolution,” the DSS invaded his home and picked him up. He became yet another Nigerian citizen who will be locked up without legal reprieve.

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