Joe Biden takes office in 4 days time, America sing goodbye to Trump

joe biden and trump

Among the executive orders President-elect Biden will sign on his first day in office:

•Rejoin the Paris climate accord

•End the travel ban on Muslim countries

•Halt evictions and student loan payments during the Covid pandemic

•Issue a mask mandate on all federal property

Next on the list needs to be: Reuniting any of those poor children stolen from their parents at the border back with their parents. That is one of a long list of inhumane evils perpetrated by the Trump Administration over the last 4 years.

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However Biden’s 1.9 trillion “stimulus” package is filled with wasteful spending & bailouts. An even larger spending blowout will follow. Even middle-of-the-road media outlets are calling Biden’s agenda “radical.”

His plan has received endorsements of everyone from Bernie Sanders to the Chamber of Commerce… but okay.

The only notable complaint is that it doesn’t go FAR enough.

Anyways, if your “hold onto your wallets” is a silly reference to the debt/deficit in paying for this… then the proper response would be to raise taxes on the very rich, who have managed to get richer during a once-in-a-century pandemic.

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