June 12: End Insurgency, sign amended electoral act, ADP Charges Buhari

June 12: End Insurgency, sign amended electoral act, ADP Charges Buhari

…Tells FG to be cautious of excessive loans

The Action Democratic Party has called on the Federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari, to consider, as a matter of urgency, the signing of the amended electoral act, which will strengthen and give more credibility to the future polls.

The party said this in its democracy day address that, for democracy which many patriots and our founding fathers, sacrificed hugely for, while some of them like the late MKO Abiola, eventually lost their lives in their quest to achieve a better and relatively stable political environment, after seizure by the military jackboots, to reflect in our nationhood, electoral process that will enhance democratic space must be strengthened.

June 12, has become a symbolic date in the life of our nation, and the reasons, this date was set aside as a democracy day, not only to celebrate the great sacrifices by our hero pass, who fought tirelessly for the return of democracy, some are still alive, while some have transcend to the great beyond, their memories must live on, and the only way to make their effort count, is when all what they struggleed for becomes reality.

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June 12, was a struggle for the emancipation of our country, from brutal dictators, and those with power, who never wanted oppositions. Those who made our return to democracy possible must always be celebrated through the enhancement of our Democratic space.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), as a matter of federal legislation, must be able to conduct free and fair elections, that will be technologically driven, as the world system is gradually changing. There must be seamlessly voting, which must include e-voting, and work on making snatching of ballot boxes useless, with the use of e-screening and transmission of results from polling units to central server.

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The party also charged President Buhari to spur into actions as a former military general, to end all the needless killings by insurgents and bandits across Nigeria.

Nigerians voted for the President as a former military major general, on the strength that within few months of his ascension to power, he would be able to crush every security threats in the country, but it is not too late to make it up to Nigerians in this regard.

ADP lamented the spade of external borrowing by the government, this is not too good, when the sources of repayment of these humongous loans are not certain, not even at a time the country is relying on petro-dollar, but times are fast changing, the effect of COVID19 ravaging the entire globe should be factor to be considered by the FG when these loans are being borrowed.

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The party however called on all Nigerians to keep hope alive, that there will always be a way out, urging them to remain resolute in their quest for a better country regardless of the present situation, stated that, ADP as an alternative will help but Nigerians must collaborate with them.


Prince Adelaja Adeoye
ADP National Publicity Secretary

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