Kennedy Ibeh’s Campaign For Speakership Of Imo House Of Assembly In A Masqueraded And Flimsy Apology To Ndi Obowo

I just read about the apology posted by Kennedy Ibeh to Ndi Obowo; I was glad when I saw the caption but on reading through the apology, it was obvious that it was not indeed an apology to Ndi Obowu but a tactical campaign for the Post of Speakership of the Imo House of Assembly. The same thing Finian wrote about and he was attacked and mobbed by the killer squad of Kennedy Ibeh. If you are aspiring to be a Speaker in a house that already has a Speaker; how will you unseat the incumbent speaker except by engaging and or fueling the situation that will force the already embattled Speaker to submission and removal. This was the same thing Finian spoke about and he was badly brutalized by the killer squad of Kennedy Ibeh. It is obvious that the political ambition of Kennedy Ibeh to be the Speaker of the Imo House of Assembly have beclouded his sense of responsibilities and purpose.

In reading the apology, I discovered that instead of taking time first to indeed apologize for the very derogatory behavior that has put Nid Obowo in a very bad light publicly; it was rather another campaign eulogies targeted at the Post of Speakership of the 9th Assembly of the Imo House of Assembly. (let this be a discussion for another day)

Sincerely, the intention to apologize is good and it is commendable and there is nothing wrong to quickly apologize to Ndi Obowo because you have envisaged the improbable damages your antecedents in thuggery and hooliganism is about to cause you. Apology could be accepted but it is very lopsided. Yes you have apologized to Ndi Obowo but you didn’t tell them what you have done so far to their son whom you virtually wanted to be killed. For about 3 days now Finian was hospitalized and he has been on medications, have you called him to ascertain his state of health? As a proof that you were indeed sorry for what your aides did on your behalf. If indeed you were not in support of the gruesome battering of Finian by your aides at the Party Secretariat where he went to perform his duties as a journalist, by now, you would have put a call through to him to know how he fared after the attack; what have you done since then to reach out to him? They took away his phones, eye glasses, his media gadgets and the rest. So have you tried to reach out to him to console him of the dastardly behavior of your aides and all the losses?

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You and your supporters might be surprise at the stand I as a Bishop is taking. One of them even accused me to be a fake Bishop; good to hear. I stand for peace but I don’t stand for deceptions and masqueraded apologies without genuine repentance. You apologies is a way of disarming everyone without a very constructive change; but indeed what we want in Obowo and in the whole of Imo State is politics without hooliganism and we are ready to haul down those who are trying to scheme their way through such.

Listen to me Sir; you don’t need to play smart. Please don’t. because such act of smartness will expose so much about you that you least expected. There are those who are watching you to see how you go about this mess. Just like you accredited to Finian with the antecedents of writing wrongfully about prominent politicians in Obowo, it is the same with you as regards your personal antecedents of battering and mauling of opponents in Obowo as well. At least you can remember Chief Kekeocha who was thrown out of a moving vehicle by your aides during your 1st tenure. The story is still fresh and everywhere in Obowu.

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Kennedy Ibeh I want you to know that some of us (the recruited supporters of Finian) are writing not because of Finian only; neither are we seeking for a personal vendetta; rather we are writing because hooliganism, gansterism, battering of opponents has been part of your political character in Obowu. It is a precedence you can be trailed with and you have built on this for years and we want to use this particular case of Finian to call you to books and to stop it. Yesterday it was Chief Kekeocha and nobody rose up against you, today it is Finian, who knows the next victim tomorrow?

It is worthy to note that the entire Alike people are casting aspersions on Finian and have distanced themselves from from their own brother at such a critical time as this because of his alliance with you that worked negatively against Alike in the last election. They are very bitter towards Finian who betrayed his brothers to see you through to your 2nd tenure. It was the same Finian you asked to come down from Lagos to speak to Ndi Eze Obowu on your behalf as to pressure down other contestants’ during the last election from going to court and he used his pen to write all sorts of things in your defense. What have you done to cushion the impact of the battering on him?

Your apology Sir is very flimsy and lopsided. I want you to understand that your present disposition is forcing some other people to take a line of duty and actions that you will forever regret at the end. You asked everyone to desist from commenting or writing on this which I know you have no such right to place such an order. It is not your responsibility to tell us what to and when to comment on issues of public interest. However, we know that such order has its implication because you will unleash your squad for another onslaught.

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It is unfortunate that in your so called apology, you disdained those who stood up to tell you the truth that have forced you to come out boldly to apologize and you referred to them as “recruited supporters of Finian”. That is not an issue. We choose at this time to stand up against your pedigree of hooliganism as recruited supporters and we will want you to do the needful. It is your responsibility to do the needful as soon as possible. We in the diaspora are watching with total interest.

Be mindful that should anything happen to Finian Chuks, whatever you have said about him, whatever he had written about you and whatever story you are telling and or will tell will be a non-issue. Forget about those who are giving you false support on social media even on this platform; be it known to you that this matter has been taken far beyond what you could think or imagine and a loose apology as this time is not strong enough to retract moves already made until you do the needful. The Ndi Imo Professionals in the Diaspora had taken over this matter and you will not like the outcome.

Kennedy Ibeh, make hays while the sun shines.

Prof. Odirichukwu Lawrence

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