London Based Prof O.J. Ebohon On Eze,Amaechi And His Question On Education In Rivers State – My Response

Chief, your loyalty no doubt is undescribable and Ameachi should be grateful to God for having the kind of undivided and undiluted loyalty in you – the kind that is rare to find in spouses. Having said this, I asked myself where is the so-called educational achievements in River State? Is it not the Rivers State I go often or is there another River State? What educational achievements are we talking about? – Prof. O. J. Ebohon



My dear Prof Ebohon, good day Sir.

I know that u know the type of respect and love I have for you but with this your question, I am confused if you are the one that sent it.

But let me assume that you sent it.
Let me reiterate that the treatise that I wrote on the feats of Amaechi in the revolution of education of Rivers State were based on facts that are verifiable and some of the pictures on this were sent to accompany the article unless u are saying that those pictures were fake.

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Some Authorities both within Nigeria and outside Nigeria were quoted unless also u are inferring that I quoted them out of context but you can contact them including the former Presidents – Chief Obasanjo and Dr. Goodluck and the incumbent President (Buhari) and VP Osibanjo all commissioned some of the educational projects in Rivers State.

Are you saying by your text that the UNESCO never granted and made Port Harcourt the World Book Capital City? Was it given because Amaechi didn’t made any impact in the educational sector? Haba Prof, must we play politics with every issue? This is not fair and not expected from a widely travelled personality like you. Must the bad PDP blood in you always have an upper hand over you?

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I also quoted some of the foreign scholarship beneficiaries of Amaechi’s educational feat unless u are saying that these 2000 Rivers State indigenes sponsored to school outside the country were also fake.

I wish this your text came from a fellow I have less respect for, I would have handled this issue differently but you are my brother and friend so I will spare you but think properly next time bf sending such a text to me.

You are based in London and your visit to Rivers State probably are either done in the nights and first thing in the morning you will zoom off to avoid Wike type of Rivers State, abi?

I appreciate your comment on my relationship with Amaechi and according to you it is undescribable, I agree with you but let me be frank with you both Amaechi and I can’t even define the type of relationship we share because it is beyond our comprehension or by any other person. We handle issues affecting us as if there are personal and truly only God can define such a relationship according to you surpasses that of the best couple.

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Pls, when you want to visit Rivers State next time alert me to guide you accordingly if the type of environment created by Wike will permit such a tour.

Check your email for the pixs of Amaechi’s magic in Rivers State if the one sent here is not convincing.

Take care and remain blessed

Your best friend,
Chief Eze C Eze

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