Magistrate Shocked As Suspect Appears In Court Wearing Clothes Stolen From Him


A trial magistrate of Otuke, Uganda was on Thursday left speechless when a suspect appeared in court wearing his stolen clothes. Gistvic Reports.

The magistrate was prompted to adjourn hearing all the cases for one week to recover from the shock, a police officer, who attended the dramatic court session, said.

This same man has been arrested for six months for stealing a bag of simsim but was released because the complainant had on several occasions failed to appear in court to testify against the suspect.

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Just a day after his release from prison, Oteng allegedly raided the home of the magistrate and stole his property. He stole a suitcase containing four pairs of suits and other clothes, two 20 litre jerrycans of water, which he mistook for cooking oil, among others.

The police officer said Oteng allegedly stole cooking oil and other household items when he raided the homes of the prison staff. He later broke into the house of the magistrate.

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Oteng reportedly took advantage of the heavy rain since the occupants of those houses were away for work.

He was found hiding in a bush when some hunters caught and arrested him, found him possession of several items stolen from the house of the magistrate including four pairs of suits,” the police source said.

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