Maharaj Ji Opposes CAN on Religious Quota System


Leader of the One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has berated the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and other religious leaders, in their recent demand for the use of quota system along religious line, in electing leaders of the yet-to-be-constituted ninth National Assembly.

Maharaj Ji, in a statement he issued in Lagos at the weekend, particularly frowned at CAN’s demand that more Christians deserved to be elected at the National Assembly and also offered more appointments at the executive arm of government.

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Rationalising the association’s demand, Maharaj Ji stated, “CAN’s demand is a shameless worship of quota system, which constitutes a major source of mediocrity in Nigeria’s government institutions and agencies.
“Known officially as federal character, appointment to high and sensitive government offices by quota system is one of the several ‘satans’ that sustain the neo-colonial deity of backwardness in self-governing.

“CAN cannot deny the carnage that religion is known for in the modern world, except it chooses to defecate on the clean-white robe of moral truth and urinate on the priceless pages of authentic world history.”
Responding further, ascetic Maharaj Ji, who is widely known as Living Perfect Master, said “a competent person is fundamentally a human being, not a Christian, Muslim, or a religious man or woman.”

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According to the 71-year-old, focus should be on setting standards that give proper access to competent Nigerians to run the country’s government agencies and institutions, irrespective of their religious or ethnic leaning.

“Religion is a mega liability to national development. Sentiments of religion are parochial and are never able to meet the objective demands of genuine and sustainable national progress.

“I fervently advise that the shallow logic and the cheap emotions of religion should not be admitted into the processes of the coming administration. Competence should instead be emphasized, as religion neither grows economies nor produces inventions.

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“Religion is of no relevance to sound economic planning and transformation, and it is a multi-dimensional burden that should not be allowed to weigh Nigeria down further,” Maharaj Ji counselled.

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