Man, Wife On The Run After Allegedly Killing Neighbour In Kisumu


Police are looking for a couple who are alleged to have killed their next door neighbour after he demanded to know why they had poured dirty water on his door.
According to witnesses, the deceased was hit on the head with a log killing him on the spot after he demanded to know why his neighbours were soiling his doorstep.
Police said an argument ensued into the night, before degenerating into a fight, but which unfortunately led to the death of one of the neighbours after being hit on the head.

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Residents of Manyatta said the two suspects who disappeared into the night after the incident is a known couple.
According to a witnesses who did not wish to be mentioned, the couple overpowered the deceased – as both man and wife descended on him.
“They beat him up with a piece of wood, throwing him to the ground. He fell down and went quiet,” said one of the witnesses.
The body of the deceased was at the scene until 10am when police arrived.
Police are still looking for the suspects.

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