My Vision For Agriculture By Dr Godwin Maduka

My Vision For Agriculture By Dr Godwin Maduka


I will introduce mechanized and non-mechanized farming system of agriculture in Anambra State. we will dedicate more time to facilitating prompt relief strategies in the science and art of cultivating plants and livestock. New farm and agricultural facilities shall be introduced for both public and private investment.

Both youths and elders shall be encouraged by empowering them to maximize their farming and agricultural skills with Loans or Take-Off grants. This system shall also be open to Youth Corps members exercising their mandatory service in Anambra State.

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I will utilize expanse of land in every local government, use government funds to acquire necessary mechanized agricultural tools like tractors, combine harvesters and other farm tools and build silos near farms. Then the farms will be under the authority of Anambra State Ministry of Agriculture thereby strengthening it and will also be managed by the respective local government Chairmen .

This initiative will not only reduce hunger in Anambra State but will also boost our economy and increase our Internal Generated Revenue (IGR). We will also go into partnership with companies to establish ‘Food Stuff Processing Plants’ in the respective Local Government Areas. This will not only help us to process agricultural products and create revenue for Anambra State but will also enable farmers reduce their loses through damages and decay of their products before they get to the final consumers.

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